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Forex trading is still a sideline for now, although I spend time on it every day, whether trading or learning. I have spent more money on education than I have currently made back in the market, but I view it as an investment in my family's future and I continue to make decent returns. They say education costs money; either in up front costs, or in hard knocks and losses. I vote for getting education before putting hard earned money at risk in the market. It hurts less that way!

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Short term to medium term trading. I utilize a system that takes trades based on pivot points and Fibonacci levels. I currently only trade 28 fiat currency pairs made up of the 8 major currencies; USD, JPY CAD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, NZD. I stay away from trading Crypto and currency pairs with wide spreads like the Lira, Rand and Peso. Too much risk is a bad thing with a small account.


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