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Forex PipStrider EA Skóre recenzií

Celkové skóre: 2.6 / 5

Celkový počet hlasov: 9
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Forex PipStrider EA Diskusia

1916 príspevkov
pipstrider 3 has no more marti ,is it true? any results that we can look at ?
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The Best Martin I've ever used...
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I've been using pipstrider live and it works great for me. i'm running it with EUR/USD, AUD/CAD, and AUD/NZD. it's tuned for AUD/CAD but works great with EUR/USD although some have said will eventually cause trouble with EUR, i did backtesting and found good parameters and finding it very profitable and consistent. It has its risks sure but i understand how it works and can plan accordingly, run it conservatively and its steady money maker. Love it.

Recommended is conservative and steady and it cranks, like this:

Live accounts:
https://www.myfxbook.com/members/lantian/fivebyseven-us-pamm/242126 (this one started out high risk and experimental now a steady PAMM running with similar settings to recommended demo account shown above)

I even have one very risky demo running that crashed running 3 pairs at once at high risk (for size of account), i stopped GBP/USD after the crash and still running it on 2 pairs and it came back and made the profits back in a short time.

More data that a low risk setting will crank away:
(Cantata is a locked down cheaper version of PipStrider made for aud/cad aud/nzd from what i understand, impressive)

PSS: I know this is old by now but Gerald that's not right for you to even enter a rating!!! if you have not studied it or used it and are just assuming its bad until you see some other's results, that's a good idea for you to be skeptical but stay on the sidelines until you know something do not enter a low rating if you don't know about this product that's unfair!
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78 príspevkov
I agree that Pipstrider with its martingale strategy may sound a risky. I have tested a several of martingale EAs and this one seems to be less prone to fast account demise. I have tested it with AUD/CAD and JPY/CHF pairs and it fared quite well. Right now I am riding it on a dedicated account. I did not verify the results, because I just use it for myself to monitor the EA.


Having stated all above, I admit that as one needs to make their own decision of martingale EAs are worth use at all.
159 príspevkov
I rate this lowest until I see someone post a true testimonial and a verifiable myfxbook.com page showing proof...until then, the voter who rated this so high might just as well be the creator.
Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you
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