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MyDigiTrade Výsledky preskúmania

Celkové skóre: 3.0 / 5

Celkom hlasov: 37
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MyDigiTrade Diskusia

Nov 12 2014 at 14:54
1 príspevkov
Manuy many techical problems, disconnection with broker account, etc

EF CAPITAL GROUP Ltd (rixxxx69)
Oct 25 2015 at 22:37
7 príspevkov
STAY AWAY, Mydigitrade has not a single interest, technical support is horrorful, everything is extremely slow, they do not pay commissions to traders...Not a serious Company that will certainly disappear in the next few months...

Mar 21 2017 at 07:23
16 príspevkov
Some good traders to follow but not really that much chose. I would recommend that you take a look at them but if you have any questions, don't expct them to reply any time soon

Apr 02 2018 at 06:34
8 príspevkov
This website is a joke. The first and second one in the ranking has a >70%DD and negative pips. You must scroll down fo a very long time to found a good provider. Stay away...

Vitaliy Maznev (vitaliymaznev777)
Oct 21 2020 at 00:33
3 príspevkov
I accidentally hit the 'rate' button before setting the values. Initially, the fields contained numbers 1. Therefore, I would like to cancel this incorrect assessment and re-vote.

As for the impressions, I have been with this service for several months now as a signal provider. And I can say that despite the formally low commissions compared to some competing services, the prospects for traders here are very decent. Especially for new traders who really have some kind of experience and ability. Subscribers will notice you almost immediately. The rest depends on your trading. I reached the minimum threshold for payments in almost the first two months. And on the third I already received the first payment. On other similar platforms, you can wait for the first subscribers for years, but you may not even get paid.

As for the honesty and attentiveness of the administration to users, I personally would give the highest mark here. They never ignored the issues and all difficulties were resolved in the shortest possible time.

Despite the fact that there are indeed frequent technical problems on the service website, this did not affect my work as a provider or, most importantly, the calculation and payment of commissions. I see it as honest conscientious work of the administration, respect for the work of traders, and prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of users. Probably for this reason, the service cannot allocate more funds for the technical resources of the site. And as for me, this is another big plus for the service. Others usually, on the contrary, monitor presentability, but forget about the minimal respect for the participants and their work.

Despite the fact that it is not profitable for me as a signal provider to attract competitors, I recommend this service to everyone. Because they really deserve it. And I am sincerely delighted with the opportunities they provided me. Experience has taught me not to rely too much on appearance, but to appreciate the essence.

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