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1415 príspevkov
Took out a server with them last week. There were some mixups with the setup but we managed to get there in the end.

Then this weekend I got an email notifying me ( with ZERO prior warning ) that the server had been suspended.

I'd already paid for it when I took it out!

So they suspended it with no reason and no notification.

I'm running live trades on there with open positions.

It's Sunday and despite saying they are 24/7 there is nobody around to solve this problem.

I'd avoid using them.
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very good
Dear investors, My Strategy is based on Automated Forex Trading. I can trade very little if market conditions are not suitable. When the market is rational in my own decision, I can trade very aggressively. Be patient and enjoy forex trading. Thanks sincerely.
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Good VPS, but prices are high.
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Literally one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. Spoke with a guy called Wei Zhong. He sorted my issue in like 15 minutes while I was watching a YouTube video and eating. My experience so far with the VPS has been great.
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I've been using ForexVPX since Oct 2015. The latency is good, everything is fine. BUT...

I recently increased the volumes traded and I thought that I am entitled to their advertised free VPS offer (https://www.forexvps.net/free/pepperstone) as I've been trading more than 10 lots per month (this is the criteria). This is what the offer says:

'Trade just 10 standard lots* per month and your VPS will be completely FREE!
* Previously 15 lots per month. Lock-in just 10 lots required per month instead!
Limited time offer.'

First, I was told that only MT4 platforms are entitled. I use cTrader. After negotiations, they said cTrader is ok. BUT...

UNFORTUNATELY (for me) 10 lots per month apply, allegedly, to Pepperstone Standard accounts only, not Pepperstone Razor accounts, which I happen to have. You see, Razor accounts require trading 30 lots per month, they said.

ForexVPX just makes new rules as they go to deny you the free offer.

But other than this unexpected stinginess, ForexVPX is ok - as long as your PC use is below 70-80%.
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Hi Nick, I am running an EA that requires the VPS to allow DLL imports. Does your VPS do this?

Many thanks for your assistance.

Only do, or don't. There is no try.
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I recommend using ForexVPS.

- Super Support
- Very good Latency
- No hidden charges
- Smooth VPS
- The Help at ForexVPS is very good. They will go that extra mile for you. Which is very much appreciated!!!!

Pricing is a bit higher than the competition. BUT for extreme good support, service and latency it is worth the investment!

Use them!!! it is very much worth using their services and you will not be disappointed. I'm a very satisfied client 😁
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alonzo83 posted:
Hello I want to know if when you pay the subscription can be stopped when one wants or so must subscribe all these automatic or the months each me?

Hi Cyril,

Thanks for the question. Yes, you can stop the VPS subscription at any time. If you make a mistake and forget to cancel we'll happily refund your payment as long as you do it inside 30 days.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us directly either via email at [email protected] or on the live chat button on our site www.ForexVPS.net
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53 príspevkov
Hello I want to know if when you pay the subscription can be stopped when one wants or so must subscribe all these automatic or the months each me?
86 príspevkov
Hi Olufemi,

You can host multiple MT4 platforms on a single VPS (I think that's what you mean?). The basic package is generally capable of running 3-4 MT4's concurrently without an issue.

It does depend on how intensive your EA's are running and we can help you monitor it if required to ensure you're not stretching it too far.

The cost of a basic package is $34.99USD per month and includes databackup and 24hr live help.


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3 príspevkov
I am new to VPS hosting can I host all of my EAs on a single account and if so, what is the price?
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86 príspevkov
I am a director at SimpleTrader VPS (www.stvps.net) and am pleased to announce that we have recently invested heavily in our infrastructure to create additional capacity for new clients to join our service. We offer one of the fastest, most stable and well supported products on the market.

We currently have over 150 clients enjoying fast performance through the use of our state-of-the-art our SSD drives.

We're here to help if you run into trouble setting up EA's or accessing your account. SimpleTrader VPS is a full service solution, we are contactable 24hrs via live chat and email support should you need anything at all.

Have you ever dealt with a VPS provider that will toubleshoot a 3rd party EA on your VPS? That's what we do :)

I'll be asking some of our customers to post their reviews on our forex vps over the coming month. I get regular feedback that people love the speed and responsive customer support - I would obviously like to share it with the community here!
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