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Next Point Host Výsledky preskúmania

Celkové skóre: 3.2 / 5

Celkom hlasov: 50
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Next Point Host Diskusia

Jun 19 2013 at 11:54
1 príspevkov
Very good customer care and helpful support. they installed for me all requested traders. The latency is normal and there is no problem with the service. Reliable forex hosting 😄

Jun 21 2013 at 09:48
1 príspevkov
As this is not famous company I was a little bit sceptical first. But I`m with them since 6 months now and there is no reasonable explanation why they are not on a first place in all charts. Their prices are not high and the service is more than perfect! Really reliable forex hosting provider !

Jun 24 2013 at 17:22
1 príspevkov
Nextpointhost provide me VPS where I can run multiple trade platforms without any delay. Nonstop monitoring of the VPS load and the great service provided makes me feel secured for my business!

Jun 25 2013 at 11:52
1 príspevkov
With their stable environemnt provided I`m running my business without any problems. EA traders are loading incredibly fast and makes the trading process easy.

Drew (ForexCure)
Aug 08 2013 at 17:11
147 príspevkov
Just went to their website and some pages are 'under construction'!

Most webmasters would put something else than that message in place.

Reading earlier comments, and seeing this I have to question how
technically adept these people and their technology are.

Be afraid...and...check carefully.


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Jun 17 2014 at 06:49
1 príspevkov
I opened a VPS with last month because of the good rating they have in Myfxbook. Since I just wanted to see if they were good, I started with monthly payment. My payment was due since last week but I did not receive any notification that it was due and they suspended my VPS without warning. The only way I found out was when I try to log in my VPS.

I dont log in that often to the VPS so I could just imagine if I took a few months subscription and my VPS suspended for weeks without any notification! This could wipe out an account if the EA is not managing the positions anymore. At least they should have send an email for the payment due. Now my VPS is still suspended even if I paid for one other month this morning. Are people getting paid to give a good rating to nextpointhost? Because this is really unacceptable not to give any warning about payment or if there is a problem with the VPS. Anyway, I'll just find another VPS provider.

May 25 2015 at 07:54
8 príspevkov
The best Forex VPS that I ever used! Highly recommend it. Their support is rock and roll. very quick answers at any time of day or night

Thai Investing (zoom2009)
Feb 11 2016 at 07:26
1 príspevkov
The best forex VPS great services quickly support.
5/5 Star recommend.

Mar 09 2016 at 07:45
99 príspevkov
Careful. Their website security practices seem sketchy at best

Apr 30 2016 at 11:22
1 príspevkov
I`m very glad with their UK service. I subscribed 1 week ago - the performance is very good, the latency is as they promised - 1-2ms to my broker. Great service!

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