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Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread

Nov 27 2022 at 11:53
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Even though cryptocurrencies have fallen in value, I think bitcoin should strengthen by the end of the year.
Dec 26 2022 at 15:03
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marco_mmbiz posted:
marco_mmbiz posted:
I don't expect anything before August... 😄

Oh, well... 😀

It looks like my 16700-support-area was correct. Strong support/resistance between 16k and 18k these days.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Dec 28 2022 at 11:42
14 inlägg
Bitcoin will definetly to do blast in 2023
Jan 05 at 12:17
2 inlägg
There are so many people predicting that 2023 will be the year of Bitcoin and we will see a rally. I am not into such predictions but I do believe that we might see a major recovery this year. Let’s see what the year has in store for crypto enthusiasts.
Jan 16 at 13:40
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I have some investments in crpytos but I'm not sure whether they will blast in 2023.
Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Jan 20 at 05:51
14 inlägg
Which crypto's you own?

Blast will definetly depend on the kind of crypto you are investing in so majority of the crypto are expected to do blast and some of are not. Moreover the new events like genesis going to bankruptcy is also gonna affect the crypto market.
Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Jan 25 at 12:30
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Felhagamand posted:
Honestly I do not believe that the BTC will be somewhere around that levels anyway. How we can go further with that matter totally and completely? I wish I was able to invest in BTC when it was worth peanuts and will sit now and discuss what to do with it honestly.

Thats a good thought but came late
Jenny (Cryptopsychic)
Jan 25 at 12:31
14 inlägg
momo3HC posted:

Hi all and Happy New Year. Wishing you an awesome and profitable one to be. As first BTC analysis for the year it will be more really long term so let`s get to the point.
It was a good price movement lately and I really believe that the $6.4K level was the bottom.
Everything which i`ll say from here is situated on historical PA and a bit of math. From now i`m expecting the 2nd small parabolic move which must take place till the next summer may be, followed by descending before the 3rd big parabolic move which must take us to the next halving cycle ATH. That`s the first PA, which I can call it “1,2,3 steps”, move made by BTC in previous halving cycles. The second one is the bigger accumulation/parabolic periods in BTC`s PA history. Every time they`re getting 1.4 times longer than previous one.
So judging by this two PA I can assume that the next BTC All Time High will be… in June 2022 and the price will be somewhere around… $170K. That`s insane!!!
I just want to say 3 more things:
1. This is just a prognosis. It`s 50:50. It can become real or no but at this point that`s how i`m seeing the BTC PA future and that`s only my (or may be not only my) opinion.
2. I`m not talking about May`s halving and the price then cuz it`s coming very soon and i`m a really long term HODLer.
3. Starting from the previous two points that`s a really long term analysis. I`ll be more specific in short or mid-term period into next week analysis.

Genesis Seeks $20.9M From ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Over Crypto Options Trades That Weren’t Settled
Scalp Signal (stormscalp2023)
Feb 02 at 08:36
15 inlägg
The price of Bitcoin is not predictable with certainty. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is influenced by a multitude of factors including supply and demand, economic and political factors, investor sentiment, and technological developments, among others. These factors can be difficult to predict and can change rapidly, making the future price of Bitcoin uncertain.
Feb 27 at 10:12
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Strong zones are still alive:


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