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Investor I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 1 Hour ago
Hi bro , i want to expanding my forex trading career , i want to find investor . I give trial for 1 week in your demo account .
What do you generally think about IB programs? I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 1 Hour ago
IB is a marketer , they get income by commission . Mostly marketer dont have time to focusing on trading . They just focusing on their referral member lots entry size
scalping I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 1 Hour ago
You need to sport the high snd zone , high volume
My coworker has given someone $500 and so far he h... I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 1 Hour ago
Why he need to give him $500 ? He should just give account number and password . Me as forex account manager , ill never ask people to transfer their capital to my account bank , except the seevice fees .
Ramorafx I Trading System med Ramorafund - 1 Hour ago
🚀Small account management🚀Im doing for account trading management .This is 3 months result already gain 100%.Capital: below $100Minimum capital: $10Type account: centMonthly target: 40%-100%Trading mode: AggressiveTo be make my trading is low risk , i started with low capital and using cent account typed. My target is growing small account g...
Why on the news calendar have the different name a... I Nya Handlare med FrozenIcecream - 3 timmar sedan
Thanks. I always wondered that as well
The questions/problems most new traders will encou... I Nya Handlare med FrozenIcecream - 3 timmar sedan
main problem traders have is risking too much money. Losing a few trades and wiping out their account,
How much gain is realistic ? I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 5 timmar sedan
Its depending on experiences , for me , to gain 50% - 100% per month is very common . This my result for 3 months , im not very focusing on this acc , because this my small account .
I need a trader I can work with I Allmänt med Ramorafund - 5 timmar sedan
Hello bro , im forex fund account manager . Do check my portfolio gain 100% within few months . I give for trial in demo account for 1 week to see my performance . https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Ramorafund/ramorafx/10501759
Position x4 I Strategier med casper9sep - 7 timmar sedan
Social Trading I Trading System med wBzz - 8 timmar sedan
HF- PRO I Trading System med Jeffersonramosfx - 19 timmar sedan
Hello everything is fine? I'm talking about Brazil and I would like to know how your operating system works and if I can copy your operations too.
MultiBank I Mäklare med elitegain - 23 timmar sedan
I use Multibank since one year now, I deal directly with a contact in their offices who video-toured me the parts of the offices he could tour me, withdrawals are taking about 24 hours from the moment I request funds to the moment they are in my bank account. So far no problems. They are very picky in the KYC but I think is a good point.
Forex gdp student 965 I Trading System med kunyi1120 - I går på 12:00
Can you contact me ?
The market enters a new phase I Krypto med Charie - I går på 10:57
With the rise of BTC, the market enters a new phase. The capital market does not show a clear preference for news. Last week, the total market value of stablecoins increased by $500 million, indicating a slowdown compared to the previous trend of a $1 billion weekly increase. In the significant surge on Monday, stablecoins, on the contrary, de...
จิระวดี I Trading System med rubel12 - I går på 10:30
I want to buy your EA.
How much is best to start trading? I Allmänt med therealprovider - I går på 08:44
also i completely agree
Gold : Analyse Technique Graphique | | XAUUSD I Erfaren Traders med CR7EA - I går på 08:36
——> Short targets at 2015.00 & 2000.00 in extension.Alternative scenarioAbove 2050.00 look for further upside with 2063.00 & 2075.00 as targets.
How can I contact support? I Allmänt med AlessandraRizzo - I går på 05:45
Hi There,I have purchased the Live udpate but it wouldn't let me link the account to trac live updates.Can someone help?Thanks,Andrea
New strategy working well I Allmänt med Niallaght - Dec 04 at 22:31
So my system finally came together around June 14th as you can see from chart below. Had to be tweaked end of Sept as I'd missed a vital component of system, but back on track and with little to no risk. Wondering how to get involved with selling signals or offering my services out for anybody interested. I'm putting a course together ...