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volofinance-gold master I Trading System med Ammia_fx - 14 minuter sedan
How follow?
Revenge trading I Allmänt med Tuxedo888 - 2 timmar sedan
Myfxbook are you for real.?
Help a newbie. Need software I Krypto med Tuxedo888 - 2 timmar sedan
Spot trading is reserved for beginners.WTF Research is needed if the firm is to be preferred. what fuc--king firmWhat the fick are you on.I was under the impression this is a quality forum ,No 99& of the reads are full of shi-tso im out of here.Your post is pending moderation
cannot call 'toggleDebug', 'Myfxbook.d... I Allmänt med CristianQM - 3 timmar sedan
EspañolTengo este problema en mi cuenta al momento de intentar vincular mi cuenta a Myfxbook, quiero acotar que mi cuenta es investorEnglishI have this problem in my account when trying to link my account to Myfxbook, I want to limit that my account is investorInfo:Broker: FXWinning
how i earn money from traders ? I Nya Handlare med NazminAhmed - 6 timmar sedan
I know that real investors do not stick to one style. They change and combine strategies depending on different forecasts, market situations, and specific asset types. Successful trading requires knowledge of the laws which can be found on the [https://www.playlouder.com/how-to-incorporate-yourself/]playlouder.com[/url] platform and tradin...
CR7EA I Strategier med Pavel123pasa - 6 timmar sedan
Что за стратегия?
Pending order executed far below price? I Nya Handlare med Maxxer - 10 timmar sedan
i wanted to take that option, cause i saw that on the Norwegian Index that something like that happens nearly evey day - a huge down spike which spikes back in seconds.So i placed such a pending sell order with take profit, and generally speaking, the decision was correct - what i did not take into account, was the huge spread in those spikes,...
volofinance-btc master I Trading System med Ammia_fx - 10 timmar sedan
This guy (akhilleus) is the seller of another f*a*k*e EAhttps://www.forexfactory.com/akhilleushttps://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/members/akhilleus.257585/#aboutwho is a distributor of f*a*k*e into only successful competitor systems, just check his profile and all his posts on Myfxbook
Alpha Technology Holding Limited 3 I Trading System med Ammia_fx - 10 timmar sedan
I registered 1 minute ago,my experience in the stock exchange is 23 years,on forex for 18 years.So, what is next ??I read your snotty statements here, and just laugh at you newbies ...You wrote so much s*h*i*t here, provide at least one proof of your s*h*i*t ty claims.The author has proven everything with two fully verified real accounts...
BITCOIN DEAD ¿? I Krypto med LukeRachel - 11 timmar sedan
Bitcoin was coming down to 42,000 yesterday which was the highest yesterday. Currently moving forward with somewhat bullish pressure.
Mash Capital 10X Program I Trading System med alexgreenberg77 - 11 timmar sedan
QuantumF3 I Trading System med alexgreenberg77 - 12 timmar sedan
Interest statement
Gravity TS (by Quantic RS) I Trading System med alexgreenberg77 - 12 timmar sedan
Leverage 1:33 and Max Drawdown 6% ???? is really?
Alpha Technology Holding Limited 1 I Trading System med alexgreenberg77 - 12 timmar sedan
There is a backtests on the Myfxbook, learn to use search here:)https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/alpha-technology-holding-limited-ea/316745https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/alpha-technology-holding-limited-ea/316747
Forex Master - Gevin Wallace I Trading System med alexgreenberg77 - 12 timmar sedan
Nice performance
To be a successful trader I Allmänt med croisssan - 12 timmar sedan
As for me, success for a trader is the result of working on oneself and the result of acquiring new necessary knowledge.
Zen Scalper EA I Trading System med Allie300 - 12 timmar sedan
Yeah great recovery but you'll probably lose all that when this high risk ea inevitably has another losing streak.
Trading without stop loss I Allmänt med croisssan - 12 timmar sedan
This threatens the trader with losses. It is important to understand and avoid losses.
Is forex trading really worth it? I Allmänt med croisssan - 12 timmar sedan
For me, trading is quite a good option for the job. With the right approach, you can really make good money
For trading you do not need I Allmänt med croisssan - 12 timmar sedan
It is easier to find what a trader needs to trade. In this case, the list will be much more extensive.