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Jun 24 2015 at 07:13
224 poster
I think it was a mixing of technical and fundamental reasons...

Hugo ONeill (honeill)
Jun 24 2015 at 08:25
1141 poster
Yesterday the EURUSD plunged and closed in the red near the low of the day, on a wide range day. The pair is trading inside a daily support zone and the sharp drop was held by the 50-day moving average. Today we may expect a green inside day due to the wide range day drop of yesterday. Key levels for today, to the downside the 1.1097 what’s left of the daily support, to the upside we have the 1.1236 the upper band of the daily support and the 1.1288 the 10-day moving average.

"I trade to make money not to be right."
Jun 24 2015 at 10:21
675 poster
The euro recorded serious losses against the dollar on Tuesday. The single currency did not meet expectations and tumbled against the dollar, breaking and first support at 1.1214 and the second at 1.1149. If the negative trend continues in the future, the key level at 1.1081 will be threatened.

Ari Goldman (arigoldman)
Jun 24 2015 at 10:28
907 poster
Eurogroup Meeting starts in 32 minutes.

Jun 24 2015 at 13:20
45 poster
arigoldman posted:
Eurogroup Meeting starts in 32 minutes.

there wont be any major change. Market knows greece is out now.

Jun 24 2015 at 17:38
454 poster
EUR/USD is testing support line 1.1172 until now we dont have a break below the support line but the RSI broke below the rising trend line which support more drop on the price. I am looking forward for 1.1100

Jun 24 2015 at 19:31
413 poster
EUR/USD consolidating in a narrow range and in spite of the Euro recovery but could not break above the 1.1235.

Jun 24 2015 at 22:43
834 poster
Since Tsipras said his latest proposal had been rejected, talk will continue on Thursday. But with only six days left before Greece must repay €1.54 billion to the IMF, the clock is ticking.

Jun 25 2015 at 01:28
774 poster
If there is no Greek deal, the EURUSD may keep dropping. Lets see how the US fundamentals keep coming out, because that will also weigh on the direction of the Euro.

Jun 25 2015 at 06:00
224 poster
I think it is seeking the more weak side to break out

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