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Forex Trading Psychology: Levels of FEAR

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 14 at 12:09
146 inlägg
For me removal of fear came from repitition and building up a large set of data based around my trading plan so that I could see that it should work if I stay the course. Once you can see that and be at peace with it, the individual losses just become part of the process in the same way I have days when my index fund is down for the day. It doesn't matter as I'm looking years down the line.

If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 14 at 13:31
678 inlägg
You can never trade out of fear. You have to manage this psychology and try to make a profit. Motivation has to be used a lot. And you have to meditate.

Oct 14 at 13:49
376 inlägg
Psychology is very important. Psychology needs to be controlled by every trader. Without which successful trading can never be done.

Oct 14 at 18:15
346 inlägg
It only depends on the trader himself. Alternatively, try both options, and then draw conclusions - which is better.

Oct 17 at 10:55
283 inlägg
fear needs to be removed from your work, that even from your life, you still need to try something new without fear

Oct 20 at 07:39
59 inlägg
No matter what, a trader needs to learn to control their emotions. If a trader is not good enough at controlling their emotions, they can have a tough time trading. Only a knowledgeable and skilled trader would be able to make money in the forex market.

Nov 18 at 16:05
124 inlägg
every trader should have no fear at all when working, this greatly interferes with making normal decisions on transactions

Nov 22 at 01:27
376 inlägg
Whether a trader trades using a thousand strategies, he must first manage psychology. The main reason for failure is weak psychology. So every trader should try to trade by controlling their emotions.

Nov 24 at 07:20
47 inlägg
I believe that it's very difficult to get rid of any kind of fear in trading, because when you start trading you have already dreamt about huge sums of money and luxurious life, but when you start to lose your money just because of lack of knowledge and experience, your fear is increasing. Moreover, often traders face fear of missing opportunities and it's an addition to your existed fear of losing money.
Guess that you can defeat those fears only by experience and skills. When you will start to understand that losses are inevitable in trading, you will be much calmer and start to understand that everything can be overpassed.

Nov 24 at 15:56
376 inlägg
Fear and greed are harmful emotions in trading. The place where many traders are interrupted. If the trader is experienced in this place and is able to control emotions, there will be no obstacle for him to succeed.

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