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GBP/USD daily outlook

May 26 2016 at 10:18
83 inlägg
Looking to the daily chart, the cable is potentially about to from the second peak in a double top pattern. Consequently, as the pair reaches the 1.4765 mark traders will be looking for any sign of a reversal as this could mean some serious downside potential for the pound.

Whilst weaker fundamental results have serious downside potential, any upside movement will be severely capped by the robust long term zone of resistance at around the 1.48 handle. Additionally, the cable’s most recent rally has pushed the pair squarely into overbought territory. What’s more, the pound is not only oversold on the daily chart but on the weekly and H4 charts as well

Ultimately, with the probability of a Fed rate hike this June increasing, the pound is unlikely to be able to cling to recent gains for long. --> very strong reason to start selling off GBP/USD

May 27 2016 at 20:25
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The GBPUSD was indecisive yesterday. Price attempted to push higher, slipped above 1.4700 and the daily EMA 200 as you can see on my daily chart below but unable to make a clear breakout so far and hit 1.4656 earlier today. The bias is neutral in nearest term probably with a little bearish bias testing 1.4600 – 1.4550 support area. On the upside, 1.4700 remains a key resistance. A clear break and daily/weekly close above that area would activate my bullish mode next week targeting 1.5000 area.

May 30 2016 at 16:00
1117 inlägg
GBP/USD is still pretty undecided. There appears to be a double top on the daily time-frame but there's no other signal that it will start falling again.

May 31 2016 at 07:00
774 inlägg
The GBPUSD fails to break above the 1.4700 level and falls back down really fast and close to breaking below the 1.4600 level.

May 31 2016 at 07:08
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The GBPUSD had a bullish momentum earlier today hit 1.4704. The bias is bullish in nearest term but 1.4700 region remains a key resistance and good place to sell with a tight stop loss. Immediate support is seen around 1.4660. A clear break below that area could lead price to neutral zone in nearest term testing 1.4600 region. On the upside, a clear break and daily close above 1.4700 would activate my bullish mode targeting 1.5000 area.

May 31 2016 at 09:53
823 inlägg
The pair dropped sharply today and it's currently testing the support at 1.4570. I think that if it breaks below that level it will reach 1.4520 - 1.4500.

May 31 2016 at 11:41
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Jun 01 2016 at 08:12
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The GBPUSD had a bearish momentum yesterday after another failure to make a clear break above 1.4700 key resistance as you can see on my daily chart below, bottomed at 1.4464. The bias is bearish in nearest term testing 1.4350. Immediate resistance is seen around 1.4550. A clear break above that area could lead price to neutral zone in nearest term as direction would become unclear.

Jun 01 2016 at 12:53
823 inlägg
I'm still short on this pair. Not only it reached 1.4500 it broke below that level and it's still falling. I have little doubt it will reach 1.4400 and I also think it might break below that support and continue towards 1.4330.

Jun 02 2016 at 09:02
823 inlägg
I think the pair is too undecided before the ECB press conference today, not to mention the NFP tomorrow. No signal is very reliable right now.

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