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Is ECLIPSE - FINANCE and top binary signals reliable.

Oct 19 2015 at 06:26
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Hi All (Experienced Traders)

I am writing in a hope that i might find suitable answer to my questions. I started trading a month back the first day i gained some money and later started loosing it on markets.com

I had to keep adding funds and kept contacting markets.com live chat but in vain.

Therefore i started using investing.com wherein the indicators are very easy to use (which just signals 'STRONG BUY' etc...) and buy it.

Yet lot of things are missing from my end, but i believe it is not my cup of tea, to do job as well as trade all nights and mornings.

Finally i found someone on top-binary-signals.com (who chats with me on skype) who claims to open an account with eclipse finance.com wherein they will manage the account by providing the account with there signals. There signals work well with eclipse finance as per top binary signals. they also state the profits could vary from 36% to 126% per month. They also stated that they trade four sessions Tokyo / Shanghai / Frankfurt and USA. The platform however would charge whatever there fees is like other platforms. But binary signals would charge me 10% of the profits only. They will not charge me for loss giving trade.

I am very much confused if it is a real company or a run away company. i.e once you have deposited huge amount of money they run away.

Any guidance / suggestions please.

Warm Regards

Oct 19 2015 at 07:33
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Please know that if a broker is not regulated then you are gambling your money away. Even regulated brokers have the ability to mess you up. As for binary options stay. By regulated i do not mean belize or saint vincent grenadines(small islands, weak regulator and small initial capital) but FCA(UK), ASIC(Australia) or NFA/CFTC. My advise, stay away from binary options. Also always ask for a verified performance(myfxbook verified live account). On top that, know that if you have a vendor with trade time is less than 1 minute and lower than 6 pips TP with a performance too good to be true, then you are looking at feed arbitrage which would not work with legit retail brokers only scam/bucketshop ones like fxch,fxglory etc.

I am an experienced trader. Send me a message if you have question or want advise. If i am free i'll help. Please finish babypips school and have a read at forexfactory. It would help you a lot. Also do not trade with a live account until you are very sure on a demo account you can be profitable in the long term.

Oct 19 2015 at 13:52
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thanks for your advise / guidance and assistance. So what should i be doing next in order to recover the moeny plugged in markets.com please also give me your id.

Oct 20 2015 at 06:05
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I send you a PM.

And withdraw ASAP from markets.com !!!

I agree with savan, stay far away from dangerous brokers!

FX PIP CHAMP (fxpipchamp)
Dec 04 2015 at 16:07
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NO, brokers associated with top-binary-signals.com are fraud. Though the top-binary-signals.com provide good signals through skype, but when it comes to the discussion about brokers associated with them, they tries to fade away. One of the broker associated with them millenniumoptions.com is not even able to process the withdrawal of only $140 and TBS people cant give any answer on it. Stay away from these people.

Consistent Profit Making
May 18 2016 at 18:30
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I can speak in regards to Eclipse-Finance. They have stolen $6,500 from me. Before I ever engaged with them I sent my account manager a message that said DO NOT add a bonus to my account if it will restrict my ability to withdraw. I have a written record of this request and have sent it to them several times now. If you read their terms and conditions you will read in section 12 that if a bonus is added you must trade a roll over amount of 35 times the amount of the bonus before they will let you withdraw.

The folks at Eclipse-Finance added a bonus to my account in direct violation of my request. Now they have refused to honor my withdrawal request for about 9 months now. I have repeatedly shown them my request TO NOT ADD A BONUS if it would restrict my ability to withdraw and repeatedly asked them to return my money to me. Now they have stopped responding. They are thieves and should not be trusted with your money. Period.

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