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Unlimited lot size of broker

Frank Martin (frankmartin1)
Jan 05 2021 at 14:55
46 inlägg
Hello, myfxbookers! Trading with a big lot is good! But remember you can afford the loss!
Jan 21 2021 at 09:41
33 inlägg
I suggest you go for 100 lots per trade. This way you won’t have to worry so much. Just a tip, good luck.
Jan 28 2021 at 06:45
81 inlägg
Hoooba14 posted:
AAFX has 1,000 lots and FBS are 500 lots, both ECN and STP Brokers
I see, how much did you start with?Also, are you using any of these brokers personally?
Feb 23 2021 at 10:10
9 inlägg
Well, if you do your research well, you will find a broker that suits your trading needs. Good luck.
lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Feb 24 2021 at 06:47
238 inlägg
Not sure about the unlimited but I am with a broker that allow 100 lots per trade. You can check Fxview if thae helps.
Mar 17 2021 at 09:25
14 inlägg
You can choose from a variety of good brokers to trade. Good luck.
Mar 30 2021 at 11:18
15 inlägg
Why would you require an unlimited lot size broker in the first place? I don’t risk or trade on high volumes so it’s kind of hard to imagine.
Oct 06 2021 at 18:45
536 inlägg
frankmartin1 posted:
Hello, myfxbookers! Trading with a big lot is good! But remember you can afford the loss!
Big lot can create a big loss. So, i think is is risky for the newbies.
Oct 20 2021 at 06:25
34 inlägg
Big lot sizes can obviously give you big profits, but you can bear big losses if the market goes against you. It totally depends on your risk tolerance power.
Oct 20 2021 at 06:26
38 inlägg
The lot size directly affects how much a movement of the market will affect your accounts. So choose the lot size wisely.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 20 2021 at 12:08
538 inlägg
I've seen 100 and 1000 lot max size on retail accounts but if you honestly need more than that then I would suggest contacting your broker and moving to a professional account if eligible. You will no doubt get a higher limit but will forfeit protections such as negative balance prevention.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 20 2021 at 13:14
801 inlägg
I believe that such a choice is best made by those traders who have richer work experience.
Nov 06 2021 at 15:44
788 inlägg
Standard Lot represents 100,000 units of Currency, Mini 10,000, and Micro 1000 Lot. However, not all brokers.
Nov 18 2021 at 15:58
154 inlägg
skihav posted:
I believe that such a choice is best made by those traders who have richer work experience.
well, beginners will definitely not be so interested
Dec 02 2021 at 03:24
176 inlägg
As a newbie, we should not use a big lot.
Jan 13 2022 at 20:46
22 inlägg
I believe that you don't really needs to search for a broker with the highest lot size. It means nothing actually, I think that traders have to pa yattention to other details when they're choosing a broker, because there are lots of other things which are considered to be more relevant for traders. No doubts, that all traders try to find a broker according to their own needs, however the lot size doesn't matter at all. Of course, you can have your view on this matter, I just explain my own point of view, but I never pay attention to such details when I choose a broker.
Feb 06 2022 at 02:00
759 inlägg
If the brokers say so, they are likely to lie to you.
Mar 01 2022 at 11:12
23 inlägg
I believe trading conditions matter more than the lot size. If a broker is having tight spreads and low commissions, then you can definitely good ahead. Fxview, tickmill and pepper are a few good ones in this regard.
Mar 01 2022 at 12:13
801 inlägg
It is more important for a beginner to have a smaller lot size. For you need to understand that the more - the more you can lose.
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