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About news trading

Mar 03 at 11:44
18 poster
I don't trade the news, but always make profits huge few hours after the news.

bax699 (bax699)
Mar 03 at 13:10
23 poster
Dont do it lol simple, unless you know what youre doing

Mar 06 at 07:37
14 poster
Not every news is worth paying attention to. You need to understand what you must be taking care of and what things to avoid to become a good forex trader.

Mar 06 at 09:07
51 poster
I actually used to check on economic calendar to check whatever relevant news is happening like speeches, budget release, etc But I dont intend to trade via them, it is very messy and does not ensure any accuracy

Mar 19 at 04:50
13 poster
That is a smart move and it must save you from any potential losses too.

Mar 20 at 13:08
494 poster
News trading is nothing but gambling. Out of assumptions many traders specially new traders open trade during major major news event. Many people blow their account this time.

Mar 22 at 14:21
116 poster
Trading news needs to be very attentive and watch everything that happens and react quickly.

May 26 at 16:18
2 poster
I don't trade the news, but always make profits huge few hours after the news.

why not?
there are SO MANY news to trade! look at the NZDUSD today
so simple to earn!

May 26 at 23:45
228 poster
Momentum would not have been good if the news had not had an impact on the Forex market. So news plays an important role in trading.

May 27 at 00:18
231 poster
I think we should read and keep eye on every news which is coming and try to avoid trading during this period.

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