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Both fundamental and technical

Feb 25 at 12:45
298 inlägg
Both fundamental and technical analysis have their own advantages. Fundamental analysis enables a trader to understand the primary trend of a currency pair or a stock. On the other hand technical analysis enables a trader to pinpoint entry and exit. The greatest advantage of technical analysis is that it is the sum of hope, fear and greed of all the market participants.

Feb 25 at 14:26
298 inlägg
If technical analysis can be combined with fundamentals, then it is possible to get much better results by trading. Because if you don't combine everything, you can never achieve success by trading.

Feb 25 at 14:56
637 inlägg
Both the fundamental and technical analysis are very important for any trader who really want to make success here he must try his best and be learn how to do the forecast and get what its take to succeed here as well

Mar 16 at 05:51
12 inlägg
I think the blend of both fundamental and technical analysis is very important for traders.

Mar 16 at 15:17
50 inlägg
I mainly rely on technical rather than fundementals personally.

Mar 29 at 06:56
90 inlägg
For me, fundamental analysis is now quite effective, because I was engaged in long-term trading, and for me this option is the most optimal.

Mar 30 at 04:35
370 inlägg
I can tell from my experience that when I do trading with technical analysis, I have to combine the fundamentals with it. Because if you do technical analysis, there may be some problems. For example, if there is fundamental news, then the volatility of the market is high, so if the trading is done by technical analysis at that time, the amount of loss may be higher.

Apr 03 at 09:40
12 inlägg
Both of these are essential for trading and no one should take them lightly. I am kind of a fan of technical analysis mostly.

Apr 05 at 11:19
6 inlägg
There is literally no comparison between technical analysis and fundamental analysis. They work in different situations. Both of them can be quite helpful.

Apr 05 at 11:38
9 inlägg
Fundamental for long term trend - Technical for short term entry. All you need to know

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