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Can you borrow money from the bank to trade forex?

Aug 01 at 06:37
22 inlägg
Yes you can, there’s no law that’s forbidding it. But in reality, it is better if you do not take a loan for trading forex. Look, if you are an experienced trader, and know how to make consistent profits, maybe you can try applying for a small loan. But if you are a beginner, you should not, because forex trading is quite risky, and you may end up losing all your loan money.

Rather, trade consistently, gain knowledge and experience, and use leverage when you can make consistent profits.
Aug 08 at 11:16
61 inlägg
That is a bad idea, every trader avoids borrowing money from a bank, you can rather trade using broker leverage, which has risks depending on the leverage value.
Aug 09 at 07:20
48 inlägg
Borrowing money just to trade does not sound great to me. It means that you are impatient, and you are trying to get rich quickly overnight. This can never happen. Just open your eyes and watch how much effort is required to trade in the world of forex.
Aug 10 at 05:34
23 inlägg
I would never ever recommend you to do so. This is one of the craziest thoughts one must have ever thought. Thinking and seeking advice isn’t wrong but doing this would be a dumb thing. Only and always invest your own money in the market, no matter whether it is more or less. The reason is very simple, there is no guarantee that we always get gains from the forex market and there may be some losses we have to face.
Aug 16 at 06:17
45 inlägg
Borrowing money from the bank with the intention of investing that money in the market is a bad idea. It is in your best interest to hold off on investing in the market until you have accumulated sufficient funds to do so.
Aug 16 at 07:50
26 inlägg

You can borrow money from the bank to trade forex, but there are some risks involved. First of all, you will be responsible for paying back the loan plus interest. Secondly, if you lose money in your forex trading, you will still be responsible for repaying the loan. So, it is important to consider all of the risks before borrowing money from the bank to trade forex.

Aug 18 at 10:46
24 inlägg
Since trading is full of risks and there is no guarantee how long it will take for you to make money through it, it’s best to use only your money to trade. If you don’t have money to trade, wait until you have. Trading with borrowed money with double the stress of trading.
Aug 22 at 11:49
18 inlägg
I trade with only that money that I don’t mind losing. If I borrow money to trade and lose it, I will be under constant stress of returning it and I won’t even be trading for myself anymore. So, it’s best not to trade if you are in a condition when you will need to borrow.
Aug 24 at 07:19
24 inlägg
You can borrow money from a bank or someone else but I see it as an additional stress that can be avoided if you trade with your money only. I prefer not to trade over borrowing money from someone.
Sep 01 at 18:23
27 inlägg
Oh, my God, this is the main mistake of a beginning trader.
Never do that. If you are just starting out you can lose your first deposit. It would be a pity if it was a loan.
It will become a problem and you will have less opportunity to try financial markets again.
Look at different forex reviews and training.
They all say you have to start with money you can afford to lose without it hurting your life.
This is important.
Guys, don't make mistakes, please!
Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 02 at 00:44
396 inlägg
Trading in the CFD market is a high risk, and borrowing money from banks to invest in forex is not a good idea. The golden rule for investing money in high-risk businesses including forex is to spend money that affords to lose, this is the first prevention to get bankruptcy when a trader faces a margin call account.
Sep 02 at 05:06
34 inlägg
It's preferable to utilise only your money to trade because there are many risks involved and no assurance that you will make money from it any time soon. Wait till you have your own money to trade. Trading involves twice as much stress when using borrowed money.
Sep 04 at 13:05
151 inlägg
Passion is such a quality that drives a man ahead and it is true to the bone for a trader.
Sep 07 at 09:39
26 inlägg
I suggest not to do so. Some banks might give you a loan for trading, but it comes with high risk.
You see forex trading does not give you guaranteed profits, and it is very unpredictable how the market will move the next minute. Even with all analysis and risk management, many traders still encounter loss. If you are taking a loan, and losing all that capital because of lack of knowledge on how to trade, you’ll have to pay double the amount out of your own pockets to the bank.
It is better to trade out of your own money, which you are ready to risk and lose.
Sep 07 at 11:51
8 inlägg
And what will you do if loose?:) If you find yourself in a situation where you need to take money from the bank for trading, then in this case it is better to stop trading altogether.
Sep 17 at 18:16
151 inlägg
Don’t get worried about making profit because when you have experience, earning is like water for you.
Sep 27 at 15:37
1 inlägg
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Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 27 at 23:14
396 inlägg
Sometimes traders work recklessly investing money, some people might be ignorant and blindly take a loan without paying attention to the risk, investing money in forex with taking a loan, will possible making double stress when getting failure or margin call account.
Sep 28 at 12:13
74 inlägg
Oh if you want to feel like Jason Statham, it's time to take out a bank loan to start trading. 😄😄
Because then you will run away from creditors, like he is in the movies from the bad guys. And learn to fight at the same time. 😂😂 I wish you luck. 😐😲
Oct 04 at 12:03
23 inlägg
It is better not to take loans from banks for forex trading. Instead trade with the money you can afford to invest and risk in the forex market. Trading with borrowed money that you have to return with interest will invoke a sense of fear in your mind when trading, leading to bad emotion-based trading decisions.
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