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Does forex strategies usually work>

Freddy Taylor (Freddy4Taylor)
Medlem sedan Aug 04, 2021   37 inlägg
Jan 20 at 06:19
Many strategies have been developed by professionals who have learned how to make money from them.
No job too big. No job too small.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Medlem sedan May 19, 2020   340 inlägg
Jan 25 at 17:42
It works, just like a aircraft can takeoff and carry cargo over long distances. The only question is who the pilot is and how good the skills of the pilot are.
Medlem sedan Apr 14, 2022   32 inlägg
Jan 27 at 12:50
Finding a strategy that works for you is important because every trading strategy performs differently for many traders.
Chan (8christianpaul8)
Medlem sedan Aug 27, 2017   121 inlägg
Jan 30 at 02:35
It's definitely not an easy task to understand yourself as a trader and then only after understanding yourself that you find the right strategy that fits you. You can't start scalping and then knowing that you are not a quick decision maker so it's not a good fit for you. There are a lot of profitable strategies out there. It just so happens that the trader that uses that strategy would be the factor to decide whether it will be a successful strategy or not.
Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Prince Sajir (princesajir)
Medlem sedan Jan 25, 2022   151 inlägg
Jan 30 at 09:16
In fact, the trading strategies are all valid. The end result varies from trader to trader. So, the trading strategy that suits you is the most important.
Medlem sedan Oct 28, 2022   50 inlägg
Feb 01 at 12:06
It depends on the strategy being used and the market conditions. Some strategies may work well in certain market conditions, but may not be effective in others. It's important to thoroughly back test and evaluate a strategy before using it in real-world trading, and to continually monitor and adjust as necessary.
Scalp Signal (stormscalp2023)
Medlem sedan Jan 31, 2023   15 inlägg
Feb 06 at 09:43
greed always kill strategies..
dom perignon
Medlem sedan Feb 04, 2023   20 inlägg
Feb 07 at 10:57
It depends on the strategy and the individual trader's ability to execute it consistently and with discipline. Success in forex trading also requires a good understanding of the market, risk management, and the ability to stay patient and disciplined.
Medlem sedan May 07, 2022   40 inlägg
Feb 09 at 07:42
It's important to keep in mind that the forex market is complex and highly volatile, and no single strategy is guaranteed to be consistently profitable. Success in forex trading requires a combination of factors, including a solid understanding of the market, discipline, patience, and risk management. It's essential to do your research, develop a sound trading plan, and seek professional advice if necessary.
Medlem sedan Jun 26, 2020   327 inlägg
Feb 09 at 09:07
thanks for your post , got some fine lines.
Suradi (FXOday)
Medlem sedan Apr 03, 2021   470 inlägg
Feb 09 at 22:37

I think not always strategy work in all market conditions, here needs an understanding to the market, and what kinds of a trend currently occurs, on the trading range market it is impossible looking a higher target, so learning the market is key accompanied by patience.
Medlem sedan Feb 23, 2021   16 inlägg
Feb 13 at 08:01
It always work, but the thing is the market changes constantly, so you have to update the strategies frequently, that's why it is a good idea to backtest them before doing an actual trade.
Medlem sedan Aug 19, 2021   188 inlägg
Mar 15 at 12:24
stormscalp2023 posted:
greed always kill strategies..

Oh what is nonsense do you think. Do not forget to say that indicators are not needed, lmao.
Medlem sedan Jan 12, 2023   13 inlägg
Mar 18 at 08:10
Forex strategies can be effective, but it varies from person to person.
Also, success here depends on a variety of factors such as market conditions, risk management and discipline.
Medlem sedan Jan 23, 2023   18 inlägg
Mar 21 at 12:57
Yeah, of course, trading strategies do work.
Medlem sedan May 02, 2022   26 inlägg
Mar 22 at 04:42
Yeah it can work but it also depends on factors such as market conditions, trader's risk tolerance and skill level.
Medlem sedan Sep 19, 2021   4 inlägg
Mar 22 at 13:42
Yes. But do not confuse strategies with indicators.

Market structure and price action is king.
Medlem sedan Aug 19, 2021   188 inlägg
Mar 22 at 14:00
Oh why so serious?? What is such neglect of indicators? Did they hurt you? lol.
Francis Zendar
Medlem sedan Mar 23, 2023   35 inlägg
Mar 25 at 18:53
Yes forex strategies work. I have been using same strategy but tweak it with the market direction.

Same way of taking profits, over a decade and counting. Built my wealth trading.

Full time trader and I'm happy about it.

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