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Emotion in Forex trading

Feb 18 at 12:20
42 inlägg
Emotions= Loss in forex trading.
Feb 18 at 13:33
801 inlägg
In this industry, emotions play an extremely important role. With the right approach, you can get a result that may well suit you.
Feb 19 at 19:40
939 inlägg
Emotions most often have one outcome - losses. This must be understood, and most importantly, taken into account in the work.
Feb 22 at 05:34
36 inlägg
Emotions will not get traders anywhere but down. It’s very important for anyone who is indulging in forex trading or planning to indulge to go through trading psychology to understand the importance of being rational instead of emotional.
Feb 22 at 08:16
11 inlägg
Getting emotional while trading is a sure sign that your trade will have a negative affect, so you just have to be careful and letting the emotions be out of the box.
Feb 22 at 19:57
801 inlägg
Emotions have no place in trading. More precisely, there is, but it will most likely end in losses.
Feb 24 at 06:01
28 inlägg
Emotions and trading don’t mix well, so it is better if a trader keeps all kinds of emotions out of his/her mind while trading. Traders don’t need emotions, but smart trading strategies to win trades, which come from knowledge and practice.
Feb 24 at 06:06
34 inlägg
A trader can’t afford to be emotional while trading. The moment a trader gets greedy or scared, that’s the beginning of his/her downfall in forex trading. A trader should implement the right trading strategies and remain patient to succeed in this field.
Feb 25 at 09:09
87 inlägg
Greenwood posted:
Are you saying that emotions are good or bad?
Well, you should open your new trade position only based on your current market analysis, don’t follow your emotions when you are trading! Because, more than 95% traders loss their money because of following their emotions & greed!
Feb 25 at 11:30
58 inlägg
You cant runaway from emotions. They are the part of a trader's mindset. How well you tackle with it and handle your profits and losses is the key in forex trading.
Feb 28 at 04:22
72 inlägg
Emotions are an important part of trading because they influence trading decisions. That’s why uncontrolled emotions are a big NO in trading. Traders can never eliminate emotions from trading, but they can learn to control them. To keep your emotions in check, develop a trading plan based on your needs and market knowledge.
Feb 28 at 08:15
87 inlägg
Greenwood posted:
Are you saying that emotions are good or bad?
If you are not sincere enough on your existing trading plan then you will be affected by your bad emotions during your trading time! I don’t think, you emotions can really help you during your trading time; so try to follow your trading rule as much as you can!
Feb 28 at 17:00
939 inlägg
Emotions in this business play too high a role. You can pay a very high price for them.
Feb 28 at 20:47
105 inlägg
Its the holy grail of trading so yo speak mastering ones trading psychology mindset.
If you can do this along with a solud trading plan your pretty much unstoppable
Mar 01 at 06:55
11 inlägg
keeping emotion aside is a must while trading. Like yeah, you need to put all your conscience in one place. Tho I think while trading with a broker, you can relax for a bit. When I used to trade, it was the most relaxing time that I had in my whole trading career.
Mar 01 at 14:47
52 inlägg
Mohammadi posted:
i think without trading emotions and maintain analysis always when trading is a real part of real trading discipline that always supportive to avoid unfortunate risk and losses. but we cant maintain this attitude during trading most of the time. as a result 90% are loser from here above all the beginners level.
It’s our natural habit; don’t try to control your emotions during your trading sessions; just focus on your trading process and always avoid revenge trading! Basically revenge trading is the main culprit! So when’ll face SL, don’t be panicked just focus on your process!
Mar 02 at 05:34
87 inlägg

Controlling emotion is the major concern for a trader. Because when a trader sees there is money splattering like water in the sea, he cannot control his emotion in terms of anything. But, those who have been here for a very long time can only control emotion as they are familiar with the environment.
Mar 02 at 10:27
939 inlägg
Emotions in this industry most often have one result - hasty decisions and losses.
Mar 03 at 12:38
31 inlägg
The forex markets can be stressful at times. Currencies are often volatile, and major market-moving events can come thick and fast. If you're experiencing stress, then the first thing to do is try to discover the root cause. It might be that you're allocating too much capital to each position or that you don't have a proper handle on your risk management. Currencies move a lot, but chances are you'll still spend a lot of time waiting for opportunities to arise – or waiting for the right time to close a position. At these times, impatience can creep in, causing you to leap into or out of trades too early.
Mar 03 at 16:40
939 inlägg
Emotions play an extremely important role in the process of work. It should be understood that it is important to pay attention to this.
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