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How can i find investors?

Mar 24 at 11:10
4 inlägg
Hey guys!!
I am forex trader and i am looking to find investors. I have a good trading strategy from which i can generate 10-15% per month but i don't have a big capital. Can you please get me in touch with the investors?
Mar 29 at 09:57
4 inlägg
Where do i show people my profits?
Mar 29 at 10:10
4 inlägg
Can you please send me link where i can share my trading history?
Mar 29 at 10:39
104 inlägg
i think this community will not allow any kind of Link share
Mar 29 at 11:38
4 inlägg
So where can i share my trading results?
Mar 29 at 11:44
165 inlägg
Visit the settings page and connect your trading account to the myfxbook system. Then you do not need to add links somewhere. Everything will be visible in the system. Anyone who is interested will contact you.
Think thrice before opening an order
Mar 29 at 12:53
9 inlägg
What about all the prop trade challenges like FTMO? They act like investors
Davide (xGaze)
Mar 29 at 19:29
1 inlägg
I'm also looking for potential investors, the best thing is to build trading history on real accounts. Things will follow eventually.
If you can't hold, you won't be rich. -CZ
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