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Is Forex risky?

Jul 15 at 10:00
184 inlägg
Most brokers play a trick here like they offer maximum pairs with high trading spread for their own benefit. Besides low trading spread, traders should use low leverage too.
Jul 16 at 07:52
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Demo is the best way to learn Forex! On the other hand, you can read trading eBooks to gather trading knowledge! There are some traders who feel bored about reading a book
Jul 16 at 16:11
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
Forex is risky because most of the traders don’t have any analytical knowledge and they don’t know how to select a right broker for them. As a result, they get upset easily. Traders should not get upset so easily rather they should sketch out a plan by following which they can go ahead easily.
It is because they don’t know where technical tools works 50%, fundamental analysis works 99%. Lacking of the knowledge of fundamental analysis leads them not to reach the doorstep of success.
Jul 17 at 07:07
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Forex is a highly volatile market so chaotic market situation is customary here. But traders should trade maintaining proper risk management and money management policy to shield against losses even in the chaotic market situation.
Jul 19 at 10:09
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Yes, I can’t think of a way that gets you money easily. And if there is something like an easy way of making money, it is a scam. Before you start taking risks, you must get familiar with what risks are and how they can affect your trading. When you have information, you can win in all situations.
Jul 19 at 10:20
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I don’t think there is any way of making money that doesn’t have a risk. Many people compare forex trading with a business setup and that is surely a risky venture. It takes time to become capable of facing challenges and come out as a winner in the forex market.
Jul 21 at 06:38
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Obviously there is a risk involved because you could lose money if the markets move against you, there is also the potential for profitable trades.
Jul 21 at 09:10
12 inlägg
Megan21 posted:
Obviously there is a risk involved because you could lose money if the markets move against you, there is also the potential for profitable trades.

Any investment carries risk. Forex is no different. It is the potential for profit that makes it worth it
Jul 21 at 12:17
20 inlägg
Forex is definitely risky!
Some understand it with time, but some doesn't. And some don't have time. So, for them, copytrading can also be a good option.
Jul 26 at 11:19
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Any financial market is risky; forex is no different. The risk here is higher as the volatility is higher. The quick-paced changes in the market are risky for sentimental traders. Currency trading is also dependent on the economy of a country. The margin requirements in the forex market also pose severe risks to traders.
Jul 26 at 12:02
29 inlägg
Yes, forex is risky. In forex trading, it's much simpler to lose money than it is to gain it. All forms of trading share this trait. The entire point of trading is to manage risk while putting a plan in place that offers a competitive advantage. Open a practice account to get started so you may simulate actual trading with virtual money. Use this practice account until you find a method you are comfortable with.
Jul 27 at 10:21
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Forex trading is risky when you don’t know how to manage the risk well. A skilled trader can always minimise and cut the losses early with risk management. Novice traders often encounter huge losses as they lack risk management skills. But it is ok to lose during the learning process as long as you are not risking anything more than what you can afford to lose.
Jul 28 at 06:29
25 inlägg
It’s not a cakewalk to make money in the forex market. But with the right amount of effort and a great knowledge base, you will be able to reduce the risk and enhance your chances of making money.
Jul 28 at 07:09
24 inlägg
If you do not have required knowledge and expertise and you are making trades blindly. Then it is so risky that it can eat all your money. However, with a good knowledge and expertise you can make good money out of it.
Aug 04 at 05:07
13 inlägg
As a newbie I think Forex is an excellent market to begin trading in, but it is definitely risky and not at all simple. That is why, it is important to have a good research and analysis of the market so that you can predict the market and make proper plans or apply risk management accordingly.
Aug 04 at 07:25
49 inlägg
Although there is a risk involved because the markets could move against you and you could lose money, but with this there is also a chance for successful trades.
Aug 04 at 07:45
24 inlägg
Yes, forex trading is risky, and it always will be whether you are a beginner or an expert. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and practice, you will succeed and manage your account properly with correct trading strategy, money management, and risk management.
Aug 05 at 11:07
23 inlägg
As a new entrant, it appears risky because you lack prior knowledge of the forex market and technical indicators. If you know what you're doing and use proper risk management, leverage is not risky on its own.
Aug 09 at 11:03
21 inlägg
Yes, the risk is there as the forex market is very much volatile in nature. But the risk should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. Having proper knowledge and skills is the only way to manage the risk in forex trading. Dealing with losses can be hard at first but it is all good if you are able to cut the losses early with a proper risk management plan.
Aug 12 at 08:08
48 inlägg
Yes, forex trading is definitely risky. What contributes to its risk factor is high volatility, unpredictability, and market range. But with proper risk management, you can reduce the amount of capital you are risking to lose, and with correct analysis, you can make almost accurate predictions of the future market movement direction.
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