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Is trading hard?

Apr 25 at 10:19
23 inlägg
Yeah, very hard! Ask those who have spent years in the forex market and still have not been able to reach consistency in making profits. Also, ask those who thought that they would be able to increase their investments manifolds but are now trying to cover up for the money lost in the market.
Apr 25 at 12:14
16 inlägg
In my experience there is no easy way to trade and the difficulty level depends upon the strategy and intellect of each trader and also how the market situation plays out for them in real time which is quite unpredictable. Sometimes an experienced trader with good trading skills and strategy may suffer from loss due to the unexpected market fluctuations. Forex trading is a risky venture and only time can tell to what extent it will give you a hard time.
Apr 26 at 04:57
26 inlägg
Yes. it absolutely is. It isn’t for the weak hearted. It requires hours of dedication and time, and isn’t meant for those who are just looking to grab some quick cash. It took me years to master it, and I'm still learning everyday.
Apr 26 at 06:53
26 inlägg
Indeed, trading is hard especially for newbies because they don’t have proper knowledge of the market.
Apr 26 at 11:23
61 inlägg
Forex trading is extremely risky and hard but you can get over the risks through appropriate knowledge and skills.
Suradi (FXOday)
Apr 26 at 23:19
330 inlägg
Hard or not I think depending on the situation, when a trader can easily to make a profit in trading, forex trading is easy, but when a trader faces a hurdle to making profit, trading is hard, but in overall assessment, forex trading is not easy, often hear if more than 90% trader fail in forex trading,
May 04 at 05:56
45 inlägg
In general, trading is hard, however with the right mindset and the right practice, you'll be able to adapt to it and do it well. It takes time to learn, so don't be impatient. You have all the time in the world to perfect it.
May 12 at 05:27
73 inlägg
I believe that trading is only as hard as you make it. If you stick to the right procedures and don’t keep the condition of winning all the time, it can become a lot easier. But yes, in the beginning, you will have to do all that it takes to learn and practice.
May 13 at 01:41
176 inlägg
Though trading is hard but you can make it easy with your trading startegy.
May 13 at 04:00
58 inlägg
Surely realizing that trading is definitely not easy to start, but all it takes is patience and preparation and understanding how forex market works will get you far and can constantly improve your skill.
Sharif Al Sami (sharifsami)
May 13 at 12:47
13 inlägg
UweMoench posted:
Of course trading is hard. Trading is a high rewarding work. High reward doesn't come easily. A person needs deep knowledge and understanding of the market to be profitable. He also needs very strong mind set.
You are absolutely right.
Rather lose everything instead of being greedy!
May 16 at 04:30
6 inlägg
Start with babypips!! Great place the learn the basics and their community is really helpful.
May 16 at 10:02
124 inlägg
pips is really supportive for the traders who are particularly beginners , this is really knowledgeable.
May 16 at 11:28
9 inlägg
AndrewMcCalam54 posted:
pips is really supportive for the traders who are particularly beginners , this is really knowledgeable.
Yeah...basics are a must after all.
May 17 at 05:19
38 inlägg
Trading is hard in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you can crack it.I personally don't find it hard anymore, and that's because I've been trading for years now, and it's honestly helped me out a lot. Don't be crazy with your money, and don't treat it lightly.
May 17 at 10:49
25 inlägg
as a beginner retail trader i found trading is really hard . but i never stop learning at all.
May 17 at 16:08
353 inlägg
AbbasAliKhan08 posted:
as a beginner retail trader i found trading is really hard . but i never stop learning at all.

That is the key, if you dont stop you will make it. The thing that trips people up is they dont journal their trading so when they made a mistake its not noted and they make the same one again. Progression is a must in this industry
May 18 at 04:39
20 inlägg
Forex trading is both thrilling and lucrative. It is simple to succeed if you have a well-thought-out money management strategy and a thorough understanding of the currency market. Take little measures and don't strain yourself. It makes no difference how long it takes you to learn; what counts is that you will benefit much in the long run.
May 18 at 05:32
22 inlägg
Trading is very hard. At least, not that simple as you might have read in your books. You may have a hard time understanding what it is and what needs to be done to keep your money safe and protected apart from taking risks. But if you want to become a trader, you will have to do it.
May 18 at 07:13
247 inlägg
trading is very hard above all when you have low trading experience.
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