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Learning from the past

Jan 29 at 14:45
370 poster
Learning from the past errors is basic for advancement in trading. Unprecedented traders keep a journal and a great part of the time outline it to perceive what fouls up they have done. By then they attempt not no present near bungles endlessly. I additionally keep a journal for my trading.

Jan 29 at 15:07
399 poster
Loss is common in trading. Learn from every trading mistake you made.

Jan 29 at 17:37
377 poster
True. Mistake is not a curse. Traders can learn so much from their mistakes.

Jan 30 at 00:36
298 poster
You must learn from Mistake. If you can't learn from Mistake, you will never gain trading experience.

Jan 30 at 09:29
78 poster
It’s really important to learn from your mistakes and refrain from repeating them. I personally analyze myself on where and what went wrong and try to learn from them for the next trades.

Feb 01 at 11:13
80 poster
Learning from the past and mistakes will always help to improve skills. No one should give up if they face any loss rather than learn from it and try not to repeat it again.

Mar 01 at 12:44
48 poster
Making mistakes while trading is very common. Skipping these mistakes and cursing yourself won’t help. If you want to improve your trading skills, start learning from your mistakes so that you can avoid the same mistakes in future.

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