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No system works all the time

Dec 31 2020 at 13:29
635 inlägg
No system works all the time. You have to adjust or modify it according to the changing market condition. If you can learn how to control your emotion while trading, it will give you good results. And modify your system according to your trading personality and be realistic.

Dec 31 2020 at 13:48
318 inlägg
Consistency is the brick of success. It helps gradually to build your account. To be successful for long term we need to be consistent in profit making. Random trading can't help us to be successful.

Dec 31 2020 at 17:14
658 inlägg
I agree. Market are changing continuously. In 2020, we saw many unexpected events and price movements.

Jan 01 at 05:47
298 inlägg
No one has ever got success in trading by borrowing strategy. A strategy becomes successful when it is well tuned with you trading personality and emotions. Trading is not an easy task to do You have to do a lot of research and experiment to find a working strategy.

Jan 04 at 12:20
6 inlägg
A trading strategy must work constantly. But she will need constant correction.

Jan 04 at 23:51
670 inlägg
Market conditions are not always the same. Sometimes Volatile and Non Volatile. Trading styles must be different between these two types.

Jan 08 at 05:23
29 inlägg
There is no system that can guarantee successful results all the time. No matter how hard you try, you will make losses. That’s the ultimate truth and that’s what makes you a better trader.

Jan 21 at 09:40
33 inlägg
Yes, the volatility affects every trader and their trades. This is something no one can actually escape and they have to work according to the market conditions.

Jan 21 at 10:45
112 inlägg
It is impossible to trade and not consider market fluctuations.

Norman (azmanpay124)
Jan 22 at 00:00
20 inlägg
The market always changes, sometimes it's trending with low volatility, and the next month it will move sideways with high volatility.
Spotting the market changes is crucial to becoming a good trader.

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