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Various Reasons why ppl use a lot of brokers.

Feb 17 at 15:54
213 inlägg
To determine which one is better....
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 17 at 23:01
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Tremblay posted:
Curtid33 posted:
I think the idea's ok if you're unsure about which broker to go with. And I'm definitely hearing the points about diversifying. But I think you should really go all in with a broker you trust. Maybe it's different for swing traders. As a scalper. I'd be running ragged with 2 different brokers, data sets, and less growth between both.
I think choosing a reliable broker is a very tough task for newbies from this market.
When trader able to making a regular profit, very important to choose a reliable broker and trusted one, because will face a big problems when trader making good profit but when withdraw money facing many problems, like as blocked account without right reason, or another problem
Feb 18 at 13:44
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Trading is just named for different scenarios. I think a lot of people should have figured this out by now.
Feb 19 at 12:58
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Treeny posted:
To determine which one is better....

Agree and some are good for scalping others for swing trading. Lots of advantages with being open to new brokers and opportunities
Feb 19 at 19:34
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I don't think it's a very good idea to use different brokers for work.
Feb 28 at 20:37
105 inlägg
I use both two brokers one regulated the other offshore as offshore allows me access to Crypto markets 24/7 with higher leverage
May 06 at 03:47
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In my point of view the advantage of using multiple brokers is that they charge the regular payments which are quite lower. The other advantage is that best brokers offer detailed fundamental research on various forex pairs and help traders in making the profits.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
May 10 at 16:51
284 inlägg
I get that there can be benefits but I've personally always just preferred to use one. I make sure they have the best possible conditions based off my needs and just stick with it instead of worrying about multiple logins and keeping track of multiple accounts.
May 11 at 09:59
10 inlägg
Using different brokers is confusing for most trader. Maybe if you are a pro with large positions then multiple accounts make sense but for most trader using just 1 broker is better
May 12 at 09:50
47 inlägg
I’m using coinexx for forex trading and etoro for crypto trading.
May 13 at 04:00
58 inlägg
Ya OP, that is factually true. There are so many brokers giving various services to clients that they can pick and choose which one works best for them. For me, the reason why I picked fxview is because of their low-cost commission, which is just $2/RT. And pepperstone for cTrader trading platform.
May 13 at 13:34
38 inlägg
I tend to keep things simple, so I’d say it’s better to use a single broker. For me, it has been fxview from the beginning.
May 16 at 01:15
176 inlägg
I think we should trade with only one broker if it suits our trading style.
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