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FXM Live and my journey to success

Dec 01 2014 at 08:55
33 inlägg
Another losing week...

Monday – a setup based on the expected continuation of the move on the EUR/USD, selling after a small retracement. Unfortunately the move did not continue, it reversed instead and hit my stoploss. Another similar setup had the same result for the second loss on the same day.

Tuesday- news related setup (GDP data release) trading the NZD/USD. It did not hit my profit target and I was away from my pc, by the time I got back it hit my stoploss. Ben used the same setup and his profit target was hit, this is the most frustrating part as I don't really now what went wrong, maybe slight price difference on the platform.

Wednesday- first trade of the day on GBP/USD (GDP data release) resulted in a loss, the usual problem, price spiked to get me in the trade and it reversed hitting my stop-loss. Second trade was a similar setup, related to several news releases coming out at the same time. Interestingly the reaction was a little subdued , it triggered my trade but I got out at break-even.

Thursday and Friday the trading room was closed so no trades on those days.

Results: short week but really not good results. All the trades this week were losing ones so I'm almost 19% down of my opening balance.
Kurtis J. Martyn (Post_Tropical)
Dec 01 2014 at 22:39
22 inlägg
Are you 19% down since the account opened or just this week? Either way you may want to consider looking at your exposure to risk. It seems too high. Just an opinion.

Good luck in the future.
There are 2 rules for being successful. Rule 1, never tell them everything you know.
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