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Sep 15 2020 at 05:29
45 poster
Sticking to a trading plans really helps a trader to become disciplined and profitable.

Sep 16 2020 at 03:50
40 poster
The trading plan is convenient because it does not allow emotions to take over.

vontogr (togr)
Sep 16 2020 at 06:28
4862 poster
Following your trading plan is a must.
But crucial word is also YOUR.
Someone else trading plan could be of no use for you.

Sep 16 2020 at 14:27
318 poster
Changing plans rapidly can be a great problem for you in the trading. So try to stick in one plan to make money from this market.

Oct 13 2020 at 06:22
35 poster
Yea, that’s the whole deal with a plan. You gotta stick to it.

Oct 13 2020 at 13:19
139 poster
Yes. A proper plan can make you rich in this market.

Davi Bicudo (DaviBicudo)
Oct 13 2020 at 13:51
2 poster
Shelby10 posted:
Yes. A proper plan can make you rich in this market.
existe alguam corretora que voces usam pra investir em açoes e titulos por cotas no EU ? ou UE ? , sou do brasil e queria começar a investir em dolares no exterior me recomendam alguma coisa ?

"Hoje o Dia Será Dos Vencedores" SUPER XANDÃO
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