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How to Start Forex Trading?

Lokesh Joshi (lokeshjoshi)
Mar 25 at 12:32
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Hello all, I am new here and I do not know if this is the right place to ask this query or not but I hope I will get a positive response. basically I am new to learn Forex Trading, I know a little bit about the price action. but do not know the how to trade, can any one please suggest me any good course and books that will help me start forex trading.

Thank you
Francis Zendar (Francissignals)
Mar 25 at 19:17
35 inlägg
Go to babypips. Or better, look for a day trader that will teach you over the internet.
I advice newbies to always do the latter.
 But me personally hardly have time to teach, as I value all the time using to follow charts, because profits are what I have dedicated my time making.
Mar 27 at 11:36
51 inlägg
to start a Forex trading is not e big deal , the main deal is how to survive successfully.
Mar 28 at 08:42
327 inlägg
if you want to bring good result of course first of all you have to make sure good trading knowledge including a reliable support from a credible trading broker.
Francis Zendar (Francissignals)
Mar 28 at 21:01
35 inlägg
@KAnthony where are you based?
Apr 04 at 11:51
54 inlägg
1. Learn the basics: Before you start trading, make sure you have a good understanding of the basic concepts of Forex trading, including currency pairs, trading strategies, and technical analysis.
2. Start with a solid trading plan: Before you start trading, develop a solid trading plan that includes your trading goals, risk management strategies, entry and exit points, and trading strategies.
3. Practice on a demo account: Practice trading on a demo account to get familiar with the platform, practice your trading strategies, and learn how to manage your risk.
Apr 14 at 05:16
11 inlägg
Some time ago I was given advice: to learn how to trade, you have to trade every day on a demo account.
By trading every day, you will understand the Forex market faster and you will also master MT4.
Apr 20 at 14:33
7 inlägg
In order to start trading, you need a mentor who can give you the information you need.
Forums are doing a good job these days.
Apr 25 at 20:13
8 inlägg
Welcome! You're in the right place to learn about Forex Trading. There are many resources available, like courses from Udemy, Coursera, and Babypips, as well as books such as 'Currency Trading for Dummies' and 'Trading in the Zone' that can help. Let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck with your trading journey!

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