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Is signal copying from Myfxbook really profitable ..

May 15 2020 at 18:47
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I am totally new to forex trading and have busy life. Planning to start signal copying. Is signal copying from Myfxbook is really profitable. Is all the the signal providers are genuine and professional traders. Is there any other site like Myfxbook. Any genuine advice please. Can anyone recommend any signal providers.
Phantom_Forex (ChickenT)
May 15 2020 at 19:31
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I would strongly encourage you to learn the business, there are far too many novice traders posing as professionals... you will see your equity erode slowly with signal subscriptions or trade copiers. Do not gamble your money with someone else's 'knowledge' or lack there of. I mad that mistake over 8 years ago when I got into the trade business. I had 2 jobs and very little time to trade but I devoted a year to learning the business. I am a full time trader now. I have tried signal services... online gurus etc its all BS at the end of the day.
Retail traders pay retail prices... Trade in line with the institutions
chihming (chihming)
May 15 2020 at 23:28
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if you are talking about 'autotrade' from myfxbook,
very few of them could keep good profit for a long time.
it would be a normal situation of forex signals.

you could go to signalstart and compare lots of signal sources,
or 'show your profitable account here' thread here.
don't be rush put your money in any 'AMAZING' trading signals.
May 16 2020 at 07:02
70 inlägg
That depends on these trader signal. But do not expect the high or amazing winning number.
May 26 2020 at 08:52
57 inlägg
For some it is really very profitable, but for someone it is the other way around.
Jul 02 2021 at 12:35
330 inlägg
Tezilkree posted:
For some it is really very profitable, but for someone it is the other way around.
Yes. You are right.
Jul 09 2021 at 10:42
759 inlägg
I never use it. I think I might give it a try.
Aug 06 2021 at 10:15
809 inlägg
I never tried. However, I may try this.
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