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questions about trends from newbie...!!!

Dec 09 2012 at 11:16
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how do u identify a trend, and how do u identify a range?!
what does make u say the trend is started, or a range is started?!
what does make u feel the trend is ended, or a range is ended?!
what does make it a real swing high or a real swing low in uptrend or in downtrend?!

detailed replies are appreciated....

David (RollingStones74)
Dec 12 2012 at 10:16
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Bisho, professionals usually say that chat pattern are ready for analysing only when they are finished)) It's hard to say anything about charts, because patterns can be also fake) So if I were you I wouldn't trust to charts so much

If you want to end up with a nonaverage net worth, a “learn from someone else” attitude is paramount. Putting your ego aside and admitting that you don’t know it all isn’t easy, but it is the mindset of true winner ----Paul Tudor Jones.
Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Dec 21 2012 at 02:36
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I think David has a point. It's easy to identify trending and non-trending price action 'after' the fact, but a little more tricky to identify in advance. You don't know you are in a trend until it is well established, so it would seem a bit pointless trying to identify something that you simply cannot see.

Personally, I use TD_Lines and Projections (Take Profit Target), coupled with Larry Williams Percent Range to time my entries, and back this with a trailing stop. As the trade progresses my stop moves along with the effect of (1) reducing risk, (2) locking-in a breakeven point, and (3) locking-in accrued profits. As new TD_Lines are formed, and new Projections created, I will adjust my Take Profit target accordingly. Hence, whether a trade turns into a short-term or long-term position is totally dependent on how far price action moves. Either way, I make money!

Looks like you are in for some online searching and reading!

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