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What if the broker spread changes while you are holding a position?

Jul 24 2012 at 03:54
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Hello People,

I have a question about the broker spread.

Let's say the current broker spread is 2, and you entered a position at that point.
You are holding the position, but the spread changed to 5 for some reason.

1) Then what happens if I close the position when the spread is 5?

2) If you had a stop-loss order 3 pips below, would you be stopped out?

Can anyone please clarify these with some explanation of general procedure how FX trading occurs? (bid, ask etc)

Thank you!!

Jul 24 2012 at 12:45
724 inlägg
1. You'd pay more than double the cost than normal.

2. Yes - spread will kick you out.
Jul 26 2012 at 09:01
186 inlägg
gomoov, you posted the same question already, the answer doe snot change.
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bobbie (skiilodge)
Aug 04 2012 at 11:45
5 inlägg
the spread will not always stay the same unless you have a fixed spread broker. the thing is this. if you are buying at a support level or selling at resistance then the variance in the spread will not affect you in that matter. it will just be the cost per trade if you were to enter at the higher spread.
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