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What is your trading strategy ?

Redwingfan (Redwingfan)
Dec 02 2018 at 12:33
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Redwingfan posted:
Paquito posted:
Redwingfan posted:
I am an excel spreadsheet trader exclusively. I think the only time I ever look at a chart is either my equity curve or with my stock holdings. I use momentum based strategy for stocks and a mean revision strategy for forex.

What is a mean revision strategy? It sounds like you are doing something very different to a lot of traders

Shorting into strength and buying into weakness.

And those two thoughts being traded when your data tells you that a pull back to the mean is in the cards. Only when there is an edge. Not just when a particular pair gets too far away from their mean.

You cannot have out of the ordinary returns by trying ordinary things. Do you think Goldman Sachs uses the same indicators you use?
Dec 11 2018 at 07:51
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The trading strategy is really important to make profit with consistency. Basically according to our trading understanding we the traders have to select our trading strategies.

Dec 11 2018 at 11:27
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What do you mean? Are you talking about using trending strategies and range bound strategies in different market conditions?

fxsc1lper (fxsc1lper)
Dec 12 2018 at 07:17
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my strategy is grid with counter trend at very accurate and good level ..
example here , weekly 1 trade

skype id millennium.analyst
Dec 12 2018 at 11:08
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Please show example. There is no image.

I thought that grid strategy is generally BS. How long have you been using? Does it really work

Dec 14 2018 at 08:54
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What you need to consider is that a mean reversion strategy may look like a trend following/ momentum strategy on another time frame. Example I could trade counter trend mean reversion on a 1hr chart, however if i looked at my entry on a daily chart it may be seen like I am trend following and entering on a pullback. Another point to consider is that if you had a chart with every indicator and strategy you would find that at almost every price there would be a reason to trade long and short and there would be S/R levels at every price due to there being so many indicators and S/R levels.

Dec 16 2018 at 09:51
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IMO every trading strategy needs a good exit strategy which is often overlooked. My experience shows that a bad exit can damage every trading approach. When you are using Trend following strategies you have very often to manage unclear situations. A basic Stop-Loss helps but a good designed Exit-System can produce many extra pips.

Jan 20 2019 at 07:19
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I trade retests of support and resistance

Jan 23 2019 at 11:38
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jamesgwyther posted:
I trade retests of support and resistance

I do similar! I do it mainly over the longer timeframes.

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