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Managing pending orders for buy & sell (stop/limit).

ProCapitalGain (ProCapitalGain)
Nov 03 2017 at 13:47
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I'm looking for EA coder to program on managing pending orders, buy/sell (stop/limit)s, not for free, i'll pay for it.

We will open multiple pending orders for 1 currency (EURUSD for now).

1. Manual trade placed for 1 standard lot buy stop/limit at 1.12345 with TP 1.12456 and SL at 1.12123.
There could be 2 situation for this:

a. Order get filled at requested price, 1.12345 with TP 1.12456 and SL at 1.12123.
This case, no action needed from the EA.

b. Order get filled by gap at price, 1.12375 with TP 1.12456 and SL at 1.12123.

This case, the EA automatically adjust the TP to 1.12486 and SL at 1.12093 (plus 0.00030 for TP and minus 0.00030 for SL, the difference between requested price and filled price).

Vise versa for sell stop/limit orders. We will have sell and buy pending order open at the same time as well.

2. Once all open position closed, delete all pending orders.

3. Alerts (email, sounds) on filled pending orders.

4. This should work on high volatility or normal market condition

5. Any other improvement are welcome to manage pending orders, or if there's already available on Internet, i'll pay for referring it to me.

Ivan (StoneHeart)
Nov 06 2017 at 07:38
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Possible problem :
 At so small TP/SL You can have problem with Stop Level when Pending order is executed.
... if TP/SL are whithin Stop Level, they will not be set, and stay == 0.0

Idea :
 If You have no SL and TP attached to position, and they are realized by EA,
 then You have no problem with GAP and TP,
 but SL could not be executed at required price ( it wouldn't anyway on dynamic market ).
ProCapitalGain (ProCapitalGain)
Dec 20 2017 at 07:15
2 inlägg

Thank you for your reply. managed to get a programmer to code. Thanks for your suggestions.
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