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Jun 30 2014 at 19:17
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Hello community,

Hope you can shine me some light, as to how I can achieve the EA I want:

#1 is it a rational thinking that, if I am to outsource EA programming, I can split them into multiple assignment, and connect them together by myself? If answer is no, pls. justify; if answer is yes: (1) what is the the requirement of the programming (for e.g. compliance to so and so and written in what language); (2) how can I connect them together to form a complete EA?

#2 is there any readily available EA what public can download? such as those famous EA, such as Elliot Wave or any other popular scalping EA?

#3 a bit of sidetracking from topic title; but, if scalping EA is usually best achieved in quiet market or volatile market?

#4 is there anyone who can point me to a step-by-step to become a EA programmer?

#5 what is the value of a VPS trading account, with or without using MT4?
Jul 08 2014 at 17:24
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1) sure you can, but it will certainly complicate things. Any (large) software project is written by teams, but they do get together and work with a project manager. If this is outsourced to different not co-located individuals, I guess you are going to get a *load of trouble. Why would you want to?
2) sure, just go the MT4 (mql5) market and download all you want. There is plenty of free stuff.
3) scalping is not my speciality in trading, so best answered by scalpers...
4) Wow... well are you a programmer already in another language?
5) no need to have your PC on all the time. Reliable internet. What do you mean without using MT4? you mean running another automated trading platform like Ninja? Not a fan myself...
Jul 11 2014 at 02:48
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Yep, jchan is correct.
I also do VPS andI have designed many EAs and have had programmers build them for me. Learning how to build a EA for a single use isnt a good thing to spend your time on. If you learn how to program and can do your own EA, thats great. But for a few projects, its easyer and faster to hire one programer at a time.
I have a few of my own EAs if you like grid and martingales. Just email me for free. Great fun back testing.

Click on my Name to see My Live Charts and Bio.
Jul 11 2014 at 09:13
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Professor, would you mind sharing which VPS service you use? Happy? cost? Thanks.
Jul 11 2014 at 17:10
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Hello growthera, thanks for your comment, I would like to respond to you real soon.

Hello Professor Gary, I'm a bit slow to digest and reply.

Jul 12 2014 at 13:25
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hellow growthera, maybe you are right, it may be more cost effective to hire ea programmer to do the job. RIght now, what I am thinking is to hire MQL programmer, which I thought is a common language that I may be able to 'knit' them to work together in MT4 or MT5 trading account. Do I have a wrong concept? Do you have further insight how I can move forth? I do not think the project has to be done by same team....
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