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AlexTradeRobot V2 (Genom OnisimMarkelany )

Förstärkning : +3.36M%
Uttag 6.94%
Pips: 214353.1
Trades 6820
Modell Kvalitet: 99.99%
Staplar i testet: 289550
Modellerade fästingar: 74883328

AlexTradeRobot V2 Diskussion

Dec 24 2020 at 09:56
1 inlägg
You results look nice!

Any chance you are willing to share this strategy?
Dec 24 2020 at 11:47
1 inlägg
Nice profit!!
Do you share your EA?
Dec 27 2020 at 01:38
3 inlägg
Hello, I am new to trading any advice? I have $500 account to start.
Jan 05 2021 at 08:41
22 inlägg
You have a nice trading system. Looks like you have kept a lot of patience and that can be seen in your graph clearly. I hope that you have been able to recover all your losses.
Feb 02 2021 at 10:41
20 inlägg
Very good trading system. Could you share some information about this? Thanks.
Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Feb 05 2021 at 10:13
125 inlägg
You nailed it! Really very good success ratio. Please share some tips that every trader should follow to have trades like yours.
Mar 04 2021 at 08:31
19 inlägg
This looks like a fairly good trading system. Would you be interested in sharing something about it? Thanks.
wois25 (wois25)
Apr 20 2021 at 08:20
14 inlägg
Diamond (whdiamond)
Apr 21 2021 at 14:47
5 inlägg
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