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forexgridtrader (By rob559 )

Användaren har tagit bort detta system.


BluePanther (BluePanther)
Dec 03 2012 at 17:53
1351 poster
This looks good. But why has there been no trades since July? Has this account been disconnected? I am wondering why my version has made no trades today - it seems it should trade a couple of times a day though... :(

Rob, can you recommend any other good EAs for me to try, and which broker they are used on? Thanks. :)

Dec 03 2012 at 21:42
1916 poster
that was only a bt,the main acc is doing very well,but i switched to fh since a couple of months,click on my name to see live results

BluePanther (BluePanther)
Dec 04 2012 at 07:31
1351 poster
-that was only a bt (what is bt?)
-switched to fh (what is fh?)

Could you PM me the broker and EA that has worked well for you on a real account, so I can try this myself too please?
Have you got ANY ea working successfully on a REAL account? (these are all demo accounts)

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