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Market Pulse (Genom HenryD )

Förstärkning : +2.06M%
Uttag 26.09%
Pips: 5416.2
Trades 2189
Modell Kvalitet: 99.0%
Staplar i testet: 19739
Modellerade fästingar: 6982080

Test framåt Market Pulse Robot

Market Pulse Diskussion

Jan 05 2016 at 07:57
2 inlägg
Jan 07 2016 at 08:23
97 inlägg
only a >6 month live track record is useful, everything else ist hypothetical, because there are no real buyers and sellers in backtesting and forward demo!!!

because 4k lots per are unrealistic, if you have it real, there is no need to trade with retail forex, tier 2 forex is the on only way...
Jan 17 2016 at 07:21
1 inlägg
what is the strategy behind this?
Jan 23 2016 at 07:48
1189 inlägg
The strategy is simple.....

User signs up for myfxbook, user then creates a fake trade logs file, user then uploads said file in place of real trade data file, and then you get 734875047503475043572075% gains in one day and other such crap.

Systems that show unrealistic gains, are exactly that. They are unrealistic.... *scams*

If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a scam! Let the buyer beware.
Cyril taylor (alonzo83)
Jan 23 2016 at 18:19
53 inlägg
Yes I can confirm because I wanted to put a result 99% and these simple in wordpad a thing like that can modify the file... lol but good it will never know the truth
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