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Lance (BlueMental)
May 05 2010 at 04:09
27 inlägg
The graphs shown are based on balance while the equity is not shown. This can be misleading if one trades a hedging based system.

I quite often trade a hedge scalping based method, and what happens is that lets say I have a long position open. It is not really relevant to the system whether or not this position is profitable. It's primary purpose is by being there and being open.

So for example. It is 1 lot, and is 85 pips in the red. Each peak reversal one reaches, the opposite short trade of equal lots gets placed. This short gets closed at the bottom of the cycle. And each trough low, a 1 percent (0.1 lots) buy getts added. Which gets closed at the peak.

This appears on the graph as a greater amount of money since it counts the balance of that 1 lot without subtracting the loss.
The equity is the true value.

So either basing the graph on equity, or showing both on the same graph would be more informative.


"Whatever you focus your attention on, your consciousness becomes." - Lex Lungold.
Ethan (Staff)
May 05 2010 at 20:26
1401 inlägg
Yes, we're aware of this issue, and once our systems can calculate equity, it will be showing on the charts also.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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