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Muiltiple Accounts with same Broker röstningsresultat

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Muiltiple Accounts with same Broker Diskussion

Lance (BlueMental)
Dec 18 2009 at 14:14
27 inlägg
Hi, I am currently running two demo accounts with the same broker.

I am using the myfxbook EA, but it gets the ftp url and the passwords etc. from the publisher (which is disabled) data.

It would be nice if the info could be added to the EA as external strings/integers and be taken from there which enables me not to have to change it in the publisher data to update each time.

I have looked at the EA code, and I can see that the FTP path can be set to a separate path than used in the publisher, but I am not able to find if the same can be done with the password.

It seems that this is something that Metaquotes needs to address rather than MyFxBook, but I'm sure if it can be done that your coding experience is far greater than mine and you stand a better chance of achieving it.

Think along these lines, it is nice to have a live Mt4 account as well as a demo with the same broker. This ensures that any strategy testing done in the demo corresponds 100% with the live account. (Spreads/commision(MBT) and actual tick data).


"Whatever you focus your attention on, your consciousness becomes." - Lex Lungold.
Ethan (Staff)
Dec 18 2009 at 14:22
1400 inlägg
Lance, it would require us rewriting the EA, as it's only possible using a dll file - this would still not solve the issue of publishing 2 accounts at the same time, which is probably your main problem?

If so, you can open another instance of MetaTrader https://www.myfxbook.com/community/new-traders/publish-more-than-one-account/7501#?pt=2&p=1&o=7501

Lance (BlueMental)
Dec 18 2009 at 23:24
27 inlägg
They need not be at the same time, it is quick to log in to other account (this is not for scalping, so a few pips here or there makes little difference)

Only thing that is to get them via the same broker, the loaded sata in the publisher is whichever one was last in.

I suppose that running a second also does the trick...

Just rename terminal as account number for ease of identification and slap a shortcut on the quicklaunch bar for each.

(duh... never thought of that)


"Whatever you focus your attention on, your consciousness becomes." - Lex Lungold.
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