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paid version of Myfxbook Rösta Results

Tycker du om detta förslag?

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Garex (Gaetan_Gamer)
Jan 17 at 09:19
2 poster

There are a few paid online trading journals, but most operate on a monthly flat fee basis and are inoperable for the Euro currency of the account, and/or do not allow automatic import.

On the other hand Myfxbook lacks the depth to analyse its trades.

It would be interesting to add a paid version of Myfxbook that would allow a very thorough analysis of the trades.


Feb 11 at 04:28
17 poster
That is a very good idea. I think you should write to them directly about this too. Good luck.

Feb 12 at 05:08
12 poster
That is a very good suggestion and I hope they see this post and consider it. Good luck to you.

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