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Damiens Live (Genom Damien )

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Damiens Live Diskussion

Damien (Damien1881)
Oct 01 2015 at 02:01
24 inlägg
Accepted a loss on my remaining trades to liquidate the account. Didn't do my stats any good but don't really care at the moment and they are still better than the majority of traders around.

I'm not the best yet but it's my goal/ambition:)

Will be opening a new live account soon with an Australian ASIC regulated broker in AUS currency, if your following my work:)

I want to dump the USD as my base currency due to my fears that the quantitative easing, printing money, inflating prices will eventually cause a collapse, Aussie is doing a good job in the race to devaluation without the government intervention.

Don't listen to and follow the BS online.
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