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DynaScalp Medium Risk (Genom leapfx )

Förstärkning : +884.36%
Uttag 17.31%
Pips: 6876.9
Trades 4623
Typ: Verkligt
Hävstångseffekt: 1:500
Handel: Automatiserad

DynaScalp Medium Risk Diskussion

Ethel Febber (SarahMurrell)
May 27 at 21:25
17 inlägg
Is anyone else using this EA? The executions I'm seeing are at the worst times that I can tell. Right during huge bank downtime during the 5pm EST time. And opening trades right before the close of the weekend too. Anyone else seeing this?
May 27 at 22:57
1 inlägg
Hello Ethyl,
I had the same terrible experience with that EA. I got refunded. Dont struggle with it. I asked for the same improvement to select time windows my self. Request fell on deaf ears. Best wishes.
Anthony Ingrassia, Master Sargeant, Forex Peace Army.
Keep your hands on the stick and feet on the pedals.
May 28 at 21:33
90 inlägg
DynaScalp is an Asian session trader. If you are having trouble with execution , spreads etc. Then your broker is the issue.
Ethel Febber (SarahMurrell)
May 30 at 19:20
17 inlägg
@leapfx this is not true at all. You're misrepresenting what the issue is, which I've explained to you a few times now. It's executing 2 hours away from the Asian session consistently. Obviously your manual that you provide, gives the wrong instructions for the time settings, since my settings are setup EXACTLY like your manual describes. Until you start taking your company and customer service seriously you will continually have to play this ridiculous defense (misrepresenting the truth) with your customers.
May 31 at 14:50
90 inlägg
Please email support@leapfx.com they will help you.
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