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Fund Management_130K MultiBank REAL Account (by leo23)

Användaren har gjort strategin privat.
Jul 21 2020 at 10:52
550 poster
This is another account which belongs to one of our investor and this account uses the same system named 'REAL TIME Artificial Intelligence V.5.0'.

However, this account currently uses high risk with maximum draw-down up to -70% as per investor requirement and agreement.

This system is available only for direct fund management services to selective investors. We welcome only selective serious investors who can meet all our terms of service for fund management. We usually prefer to deal with large investors with starting balance 100K or more and now we are looking for few bigger investors of million USD of starting balance.

Also, people who will refer investors to us can make commissions for lifetime.

To join the fund management service or to know more about our affiliate program contact ''

Contact email:

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