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FxProfiler [GBP-Signal] STOPPED! (Genom FxProfiler )

Användaren har raderat systemet..

FxProfiler [GBP-Signal] STOPPED! Diskussion

May 01 2012 at 19:29
449 inlägg
What EA is this? Don't just call it strategy 😁
Money makes more money $ ... $$$
May 05 2012 at 09:30
12 inlägg
The trading signals for the GBP portfolio are 100% technically generated, but human monitors, profilers from traders of FX teams
Is Predominantly traded the GBP / USD with a hedge and grid scalping combination

looks good but needs more time b4 i make a commitment! its been barely 2 months!
May 16 2012 at 01:43
27 inlägg
Just a signal copy from FXPaPa ,they filter EURUSD signal.😉
May 17 2012 at 05:27
88 inlägg
Our Master signal broker we used for best execution start to cheating us with high Stop Level. We stopped our signal for now as we use limit orders to hedge as example the last losing basket and for our normal grid trades.

When we can't place our limit orders because of such high stop levels, it makes no sense to use this broker from now or to publish stats on myfxbook. We setup our signal on a new Master broker and change few parts of our signal before we start a new history to follow on myfxbook.


FxProfiler Team


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