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GBPJPY 5-Min Scalper (Genom Roulette Trader )

Användaren har raderat systemet..

GBPJPY 5-Min Scalper Diskussion

Gerard Ngawati (slpanda)
Nov 15 2018 at 07:34
38 inlägg
Just got an email:
The GBPJPY 5-Min Scalper is ready for download!

Although 'GBP/JPY 15-Min Trend-Following' is doing ok for now. You really need to test this for a lot longer before I would consider buying it.
Roulette Trader (RouletteTrader)
Nov 15 2018 at 14:36
18 inlägg
You're right! That's a good idea. I've been watching the trades play out for the past month with great results but the tracked account just got going. Watch it for as long as you'd like.
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