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HR Pipmakers EA (Genom Pipmakers )

Användaren har raderat systemet..

HR Pipmakers EA Diskussion

Feb 20 at 21:43
1 inlägg
Feb 20 at 23:31
5 inlägg
It's Forex you get DD lol 🤣 DD isn't a loss it's open trades

Feb 20 at 23:41
5 inlägg
This is the high risk system the standard EA DD 3% 😘 It's Forex if you can't cope with risk and drawdown then don't use the high risk EA simples ! Stick to the standard system or keep your money in the bank for 0.5% a year. Forex will always involve risk only ever put in what you can afford to lose then you won't have sleepless nights and worry ! Past results are not indicative of future performance

Mar 03 at 23:12
2 inlägg
Looks like it blew up lol as it not been updated.....bless stu and chris for trying

Mar 03 at 23:38
5 inlägg
Lol check out retirement robot they had 85% DD and motion capital in NZD USD since October lol got links if you want

Mar 23 at 09:56
24 inlägg
Your system looks fine but the leverage seems quite high to me.

Mar 23 at 13:19
5 inlägg
This is the High Risk system hence bigger DD

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