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Marcel demo nanolots (Genom Marcel Corzo )

Användaren har raderat systemet..

Marcel demo nanolots Diskussion

Aug 12 2009 at 13:11
29 inlägg
I see you're doing very well.
Are you trading it on a real account also?
If it moves up and down, and I can sell and buy it, I'll trade it!
Aug 18 2009 at 01:28
18 inlägg
you are doing very well
Marcel Corzo (marcelcorzo1)
Aug 18 2009 at 04:58
126 inlägg
Sorry, I couldn't response before, I didn't see posts because I was using Safari browser.
Yes, I manage Accounts, but I can't publish here a real one because it appears some private info that I'm not able to publish from my client. But you can see it in:

There appear some demos and one real managed account.

Thanks for your support.


Managed and PAMM Accounts
Marcel Corzo (marcelcorzo1)
Oct 12 2009 at 06:12
126 inlägg
Now you can see I have four real accounts here (one personal and three managed.). Now I only have two demo accounts (I need room in my computers and don't have enough time to take care of more demos).


Marcel Corzo.
Managed and PAMM Accounts
Marcel Corzo (marcelcorzo1)
Oct 19 2009 at 06:31
126 inlägg
Unfortunately this FxOpen demo account expired. But you can follow my other managed accounts.


Marcel Corzo
Managed and PAMM Accounts
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