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MFM4 Sensation (Genom pedrosimao )

Användaren har gjort sin strategi privat.

MFM4 Sensation Diskussion

Apr 25 2015 at 21:41
631 inlägg
interesting results with custom analysis without the indice trading. Mixed results trading MFM4 trading all pairs. Default settings?

Apr 25 2015 at 21:53
119 inlägg
I had very bad luck last week with DAX.
I was not experienced trading this index, and a 0.01 lot trade needs a much bigger deposit than with other indexes. The day I traded DAX it went very badly.

Only Index trading is made manually, all the rest is default MFM4.
Are you interested about MFM4?

Apr 26 2015 at 07:10
631 inlägg
MFM4 could be momods free night scalper is what I've read else where and I was quickly blocked by the MFM4 vendor so I am rather turned off. Right now, I'll continue to follow some MFM4 accounts and see how they perform. Best luck with your indice trading and I hope you recover soon.

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