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My BaNK 2 (by Viko)

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Viktor (Viko)
Oct 07 2013 at 16:10
32 poster

Dear investors welcome to the World Investment MapFX project.
 Will be open series PAMM-ov, for diversification of risks in an investment portfolio.

Offers are provided on profitable terms to both party.

Also we offer special VIP-offers with the relation from 90 to the 95th percent arrived to the investor. Which at observance of conditions, are provided to the investor for unlimited time.
 Минимальныя the sum for a VIP-offer condition according to official offers increased by two. You halve the sum. A half goes to the created fund of needs of the project. Other half is put by the investor according to the VIP-offer. As the VIP-offer is unlimited on time. The investor can at any time and in any quantity, grant the sum of that half which remained to it, after acceptance of conditions.

That is, for example: the sum 20, we multiply by two.
 20 goes to fund of needs of the project.
 And now the investor can on 20 put in the VIP-offer, beyond all bounds time.

If the investor wants to reconsider the sum of the big party in addition. That conditions for the bigger sum, too is reconsidered anew.
 For example: 40 (we multiply by two) 40 (fund of needs of the project) – 40 (the VIP-offer, beyond all bounds time)
 Ratio of VIP-offers to profit of the investor:

We are glad to see you with us.

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