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NMi SuperScalper 1.16 (Genom Anton )

Förstärkning : +30.33%
Uttag 0.50%
Pips: 94.3
Trades 16
Typ: Demo
Hävstångseffekt: 1:100
Handel: Automatiserad

NMi SuperScalper 1.16 Diskussion

Jos (liquidityFX)
Jun 26 2012 at 06:36
61 inlägg
Good luck :) but I'd use a real account if I were you, real always performs differently with this type of EA, and the real accounts the vendor shows are also with FXPIG, and profitable...so the risk for you is low while it gives more certainty of the performance.
When you fall you learn, then you get up and you try again until you master it.
Anton (antonix)
Jun 26 2012 at 14:44
12 inlägg
I agree with you. But it is in my best practice to test things first no matter what other results are(bad or good). I believe if system is able to make a profit then it will make it on a demo as well(in theory it has better chance on demo). Also I do have intention to open real acc with $1k, but I have to see first how this broker behaves.

The current set up is:
2 x MT4 terminals running on VPS. One has aggressive mode ON, the second has OFF.
Lot 0.1, risk 0.3, MM is OFF.

Deposit: 300$ (as was said by EA team it would be less risky to run at least on 500, but I didn't bother to create new demo acc)

Trading started on 25th of June, 2012
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