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pilTrader's Equity

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pilTrader's Equity Diskussion

pilTrader (pilTrader)
Dec 15 2012 at 07:31
21 inlägg
Its been too long I halt trading (in Real & Demo). In fact, I withdrew most of my deposited amount in my account in the middle of 2011 and diverted the funds to a small business locally.

Recently - started September of this year 2012, i started back trading (both on this DEMO and Live with same entry and pairs. What trades; I have in this demo is the same setup I have with my live account. However, my Live account is now in far lesser than last year because I withdrew most of it last year) but this time is not as often as last year. The Less is MORE made sense to me as I look at the equity of my account increases.

I would appreciate your comments and assessment of my trading performance.

Kind Regards,

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