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PipsTiger Fx 2.5 (Genom TOPFXLAB )

Användaren har raderat systemet..

PipsTiger Fx 2.5 Diskussion

Sep 25 2011 at 06:44
34 inlägg
Great results for usdcad!What settings do you use for this pair?
Oct 26 2011 at 09:31
38 inlägg
They are not answering about that! I asked what kind of settings.... my account is not equal.... ((
Nov 02 2011 at 06:24
38 inlägg
Is vers. 2.0
I hope they will release soon, is absolutly an amazing results.... few months are not huge time... but i like )))
TOPFXLAB (Genialbit)
Nov 24 2011 at 08:23
3 inlägg
results are related to version 2.0, which will be released on 2013. The new version will include all sets optimized for couples in which the robot operates.
Jan 03 2012 at 02:09
63 inlägg
you really mean 2013, or 2012?
Jan 04 2012 at 10:21
38 inlägg
He meant 2012, and is already out. version 2.5
A question to the support, i always see that there is a variation of lot, do you use the set file you provide in the download, or have you other set files.
The question is alive 'cause for example, latest great loss is from EU and the lot was 0.90
Well i have the same loss but my lot was the initial lot, and not the lot + something....

I am not understanding why my statement is always with fixed lot, and in the meantime, your statement, is exactly mine, but with variable lot...

Thanks a lot for the answer..
Jan 09 2012 at 10:03
14 inlägg
Don't buy this EA. It made my account suffer a lot of losses.

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